Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's All Good!!!

I have SO many things to tell, so let me see how much I can tell you in one post he he he he he...

1. Family Matters

I called my mother last Saturday since we didn't go to Kelujärvi then (we went to Kelujärvi only on Sunday). Saturday was my lazy day. I'm SO HAPPY to hear that my Dad's been MUCH better in controlling his temperament. I guess since now he's got the fishes to take care of and he's waiting for his first grandchild, so in a way he's got a purpose of life again. After all, he had told everybody that all he wanted in his old age was to play with his grandchild(children) HE HE HE HE...So he IS getting what he wants. I hope he lives healthily for many years to come. :-)))

I'm HAPPY to hear that 'coz that means that the situation at home has been wonderful, especially for my Mom who had been the object of my Dad's misdirected anger. And I'm glad to hear that Shen's pregnancy is going fine. :-)))

Saturday evening, I received an SMS from my sis-in-law, asking me if I'd be ready to go out with her to the bars. I was surprised to get that SMS, but I thought, "Why not?" The bars aren't my fave place to be with, but I know she'd talk to me in English, so it would be good to spend time with her. Arttu decided not to come. Funny thing was that as we were walking out to the bars at around 9.30 pm, my sis-in-law asked me if Arttu was mad that we went out alone without him he he he he...It seemed that she and Arttu's second brother thought that he'd be SO possessive of me HA HA HA HA HA HA...

We only got back home at around 1.30 am. I had fun with her and I got to ask her some female questions that Arttu can't possibly answer. For example: I asked her how much one had to pay IF one had to go on a C-section (side note: in Indo, if you have to go on a C-section, the VERY cheapest one in a cheap hospital would cost around €400). She assured me that that wasn't the case in Finland and that I wouldn't have to worry about that. She also told me that if I needed to ask questions about anything, she'd be ready to help out. I LOVE girls' night out!!! ;-D I LOVE being with considerate people. Well, who doesn't, right? HE HE HE HE HE HE...I just feel LUCKY that I get along well with Arttu's family members. ;-D

OK, time to go to my course. I'll continue this later. ;-D

2. Tickets to Indonesia!!!

Yesterday we bought the tickets to Indonesia already since we don't want to miss getting the great ticket prices HA HA HA HA HA...Of course the total cost is slightly more than we thought since we also paid for the travel and cancellation insurance...but it's all GOOD!!! The only thing I need to do now is to transfer the money from the government right away to the other account since we paid the tickets using that "untouchable" account he he he...

I hope our trip will go on without any glitch. We're leaving on Tuesday, October 4th and arriving in Jakarta on Wednesday, October 5th. We're going back home on Friday, October 24th and arriving in Rovaniemi on October 25th.

Arttu only gets a 3-week holiday, so we can't stay in Indonesia longer. Well, I suppose I can always stay there longer, but it's such a hassle to travel such a long trip alone. It's always nicer to go together he he he...After all, we've never really taken a long plane trip together (the first and only time we went on a plane together was and from Bali on our honeymoon back in 2006).

3. Watching The Boys Skating.

On Sunday Arttu and I picked up my sis-in-law who spent a night at her friend's house and we went to Kelujärvi. There I met her boys again and she asked me if I wanted to walk to the skating rink nearby (at a school there), so we did go there with the boys. The boys started skating and I took some videos, though I'm not sure about the quality of the videos since I couldn't zoom in on them as they were skating so fast he he he...

I did took some pictures, though. :-)))) I'll upload the videos in another post, OK?

First pic: A pic of the boys in action. The eldest boy is now almost as tall as Arttu, around 175 cm, even though he's only 15 years old.

Second pic: I managed to snap a pic while the eldest boy fell down HE HE HE...

And here's a group pic of us:

My sis-in-law told me that the eldest had been helping her in her work (she supplies groceries to a supermarket - it's a physical work), and since he's only 15, he gets the wage without having to pay any tax. He's SO happy to receive the money since he can buy more guitars (he's a guitar addict, whereas the younger one is a drummer).

My sis-in-law told me that the eldest had been eating SO MUCH that just feeding him cost a lot, especially on the train trip to Rovaniemi (we've got no train here, the last train stop on the north of Finland is Rovaniemi) he he he...No wonder he's grown so much!!!

Here's a view of someplace I'd been wanting to photograph, but I could never take a good snap of it from the car he he he...I took it while we were walking back to my in-laws' place.

4. Blooming Flowers.

The flowers from MC are still blooming except two of them. Two of them died already the other day, so I took them out. Here's another pic of the rest of the blooming flowers.

5. The Substitute Teacher.

The substitute teacher is someone that Arttu has known for a long time. She's got a 4-year-old granddaughter and yesterday she told us a funny story about her. The granddaughter wanted to play "princess" and she took her "magic wand" with her and waved it around her grandma's face and she said, "Sim salabim...turn into a princess."

What happened next? The little girl was confused since grandma stayed the same, so she said, "The magic wand doesn't work. It must be broken."

HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...That story made us laugh so hard he he he...;-D

Okie dokie, I'll stop here and blog-hop tomorrow. Now I need to COOOOOKKKKKK!!!!!!


  1. Wow Amel.. what a long post but very entertaining all the same :).. It's so great that you are so close to your in-laws.. not all of us are that lucky so treasure those relationship ok.. Girls night out is always great. I miss that. Always had one of those when I was back in SG :)

    Yeay.. so your vacation flights are confirmed.. good for you.. i'm sure you and your hubs would enjoy yourself :)

    Wah the flowers still look so pretty.. i guess the cold weather helped to keep them live longer eh..

  2. Hi Amel,

    If they (the flowers) start wilting, you can do one (or all of) these things to help:

    1. Remove some of the leaves as they sap the energy to the flower heads.

    2. Cut the stem ends back a little to open the energy lines again. (Cut straight across)

    3. Plunge the stems in to hot - but not boiling water... (as far up to the necks as possible)....and then straight back into fresh cold water. It sounds harsh, but it works and truly wakes the flowers back up again.

    Did you put the flower powder that came with them, into the orginal water in the vase? That helps extend the life a lot too.

    Love Michelle x

  3. Hi! My name is Luma and I am participating of the Big Bang. He would be reciprocal also to bring up to date the list, to also help to the others blogs! Great you see you on board on the Big Meme Bang - thanks will be the Link Love says #637: -) Since new here: Hello from Brazil! :)

  4. Thanks for catching us up on everything that is going on. Sounds like life is treating you good!

  5. HEY girl what what r u doing we (me and my mom )say hi cool I have never ice skate.would like to ice skate LOVE LOVE HA HA HA HA see you or talk toyou later kelcey

  6. Amel, so you will be here in Oct 7, Clay's bday! haahaha... hope to see you ok!

  7. skating is pretty fun
    but know what's better? winning an award!

    you won an award at my blog! come by and pick it up..

  8. Oh wow..back to Indonesia in October? Any chance of dropping by Singapore? Still snowing huh? When is it ever going to stop?

  9. So... it's confirmed you're going back to Bandung. Yayyy!!! I'm happy for you.

    Hey, you know what, buddy?! Sometimes, it feels strange to look at pictures with snow especially when it is very hot at my place right now he he he...

  10. Hey sounds like you have been busy:) and having fun to that great to hear:) also I read that your going on a trip back home in Oct. that is great to hear. I bet you can't wait to see your family. I have always wanted to go ice skateing it looked like you guys had a blast. big hugs to you:)

  11. LJ: Glad you enjoyed it he he he...and yeah, I'm GRATEFUL that I'm getting along well with my in-laws. ;-D

    And yeah, I'm HAPPY 'coz we've bought the tickets already. YAAAYYY! ;-D Well, the flowers came in with a small package of flower food, so I guess it helps keep them fresh. ;-D

    Mrs Arctic Rainbow: THANKS A LOT for the tips, MC!!! They're still blooming he he he he...;-D

    Luma: THANKS for the visit, Luma. I'll add you soon! ;-D

    Kathy: Yeah, God's really good. ;-D

    Kelcey: I've never done it, though. I just watched my nephews do it ha ha ha...THANKS for your visit, girlfriend!!! ;-D Stay positive! ;-D

    Teinity: AHHHH...Oct 7 is Clay's birthday, eh? Actually I'll only arrive on Oct 8th he he he...

    Jay: Hey, THANKS SO MUCH for the awardddd!!! I TRULY appreciate it! ;-D

    WaterLearner: I'd LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE to drop by in Sgp and meet you Singaporean bloggers, but I'm afraid not this time. Maybe next time? ;-D

    And the snow will be completely gone perhaps at the end of next month he he...

    Choc Mint Girl: THANKS, Buddy! Yeah, I'm SO HAPPY!!! ;-D

    LOL LOL!!! I understand what you mean hi hi hi...there's still plenty of snow here indeed.

    Stacy: Yeah, I'm going back home he he he...;-D I'll put up their pics later on after I'm back here he he...BIG HUGS to you too! ;-D