Thursday, June 12, 2008

Almost Brain Dead?

Yesterday I visited a friend and when I got back home, all I wanted to do was SLEEP. My brain just couldn't focus on anything much anymore. But still I had to cook a little and wash the clothes (read: dump the clothes into the washing machine). After that I asked Arttu to deal with hanging the clothes (as usual as Tiny Me can't reach the high clothes line in our bathroom HA HA HA HA...).

He joined in to bed not long after that. He then said in a matter-of-fact voice, "You washed my contact lenses."

I jolted right away and said, "I WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT?!?!?!?!? How could I do such a thing?"

He has some packs of daily contact lenses that he wears whenever we go to the bars as they're more convenient to wear than regular glasses. I noticed the pack on top of the washing machine prior to dumping all the dirty laundry inside, but I thought I had removed everything to a safe place.

I'm THANKFUL that he is always calm and collected even if I've made mistakes like that. He never raises his voice on me and he never makes me feel like a stupid fool. It makes it easier for me to laugh about my own mistakes.

Side note: The contact lenses are OK, by the way. They're individually packed he he he he...

These past week I feel that I've been brain dead. Well, almost. I 've lost interest in many things and it seems that I'm getting speech impaired or something. It takes me longer to think about normal, simple things. Oh well...

By the way, my brother's wife sent me an SMS today and she said that I'm going to have a nephew!!! So it's a boooyyyyyy!!! I can't believe that she's going on her 5th month already HE HE HE HE HE...Time flies and next week I'll start my training. It's gonna be interesting, considering the fact that I've NEVER done anything like that before in my entire life.

Today we did an online "test" about what kind of jobs would be suitable for us. Interesting!!! Funny thing was that one of them came out as a "translator", which I did already. No wonder it felt like a good choice for me, even though I don't know yet if I want to continue doing that or not. We'll in Lapland I feel that I'd better find another type of job where I get to meet people. Otherwise I'll never make any more friends!!!

First thing first, though...I'm learning not to plan too much he he he...even though it's hard to curb that "planner" side of me. The other week I had a chat with one of my oldest friends and she said that she used to be SCARED with that planner side of mine HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Anyway, Saturday afternoon I'm going to watch a movie with my new friend and maybe Arttu if he wants to join us at the Midnight Sun Film Festival. We ended up choosing a classic: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but then again I've never seen that movie before, so it's gonna be nice. After the movie, we'll probably go somewhere to talk he he he he...

I sure hope that it won't be raining then, though.

Okay, I'll blog-hop some tomorrow. It's already late and I don't have much time now. Sleep tight, everybodyyyyy!!!


  1. Washed the contact lenses huh! That's funny! '

    A new arrival for your bro? Congrats!

    Happy Weekend Gal!

  2. Oh dear, you're usually so lively and active. Why so tired? Hope it is just these few days. The weekend is here, you must become rejunevated ok?

  3. I bought those daily contact lenses when I need to go without spectacles. In case you don't know. I'm very very short sighted.... sigh !! :(:(

    Have a good rest so that you can enjoy the coming weekend :)

  4. Janice, you're shortsighted? Me too! I wear dailies moist everyday becos my eyes dry up and become so uncomfortable when I'm not wearing lenses. Sigh...

  5. I wear lenses too as my eye sight is terrible! But I can honestly say they have never been in a washing machine!

    Congratulations on being an Auntie soon.

    Enjoy the film!

    I hope it's stopped raining.

  6. Hello Amelia!

    Congratulations on your nephew :D! May God bless your brother and sis-in-law!

    Girl, washing contact lenses? lol you must be really fatigued...
    Anyway, I am glad you are all right despite being tired :D!

    Have a blessed weekend!


  7. WaterLearner: Yep, his first child he he he...Happy weekend to you too, Karen! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Yeah, it's been a weird period of time for me. I sure hope I'll not be this tired during my training!!! ;-D You wear dailies moist every day??? I didn't know that!!!

    Janice: Hey, I didn't know that!!! Well, at least it's good they invented dailies! ;-D

    Juliana: THANNNKKSSS! ;-D

    The World According to Me: HE HE HE HE...Yeah, I hope I'll never do the same mistake again ha ha ha...THANKS! ;-D I'll enjoy the movie!

    Max: THANK YOU SO MUCH, Maxxxxx...and yeah, I've been really almost brain dead hi hi hi hi hi hi...You too, have a BLESSED weekend! ;-D

  8. lol... contacts are easier to wear?

    I'm getting sick of them, maybe it's time for a $6,000 surgery lol!

  9. Shan: You're wearing contacts, too? Gee...I didn't know there are so many people wearing contacts out there.