Friday, June 06, 2008


Just got back home after a 4,5 hour talk with my new friend HO HO HO HO...We went to a cafe and just kept on talking and talking and talking. The sun's still shining SO brightly outside, but it's getting cooler now (around 9'C). We made a deal to meet each other again next week and see a movie together as there's going to be the famous Midnight Sun Film Festival next week.


It felt like being with one of my best friends again, talking about anything and everything he he he he...I'll keep you guys posted later he he he...

Let me change the topic now he he...the other day I had a talk with my Thai friend and she said that her friend in Thailand called her a few days beforehand as she had financial problem and she was asking for her help. My Thai friend said that it was the "common" thing for her friends to think that she is now "rich" since she's married to a foreigner.

I understood her words perfectly. There's still this "stigma" that foreigners have much much money, so if you're married to one, then it means you are well-off. WROONNNGGG!!!

My Thai friend said that when she was in a HUGE financial trouble years and years back, nobody would help her, not even the friend who was asking for her help the other day. Yeah...nice, isn't it? And whenever she goes back to Thailand, some people would ask for souvenirs and other stuff due to that stigma. Ayayayyyyyy...

Anyway, I'm EXHAUSTED, so now I'm going to rest and relax and maybe go to sleep early he he he...I'll blog-hop tomorrow, OK? Have a WONDERFUL weekend, my friends, and sleep tight tonight!


  1. I am also still tired after going out today. Tomorrow i will write about our trip today....

    have a nice weekend, Amel.

  2. Four hours in the cafe??? Hmmm... What was it all about the conversation :)

  3. 4.5 hours? lol, thats hard..

  4. Glad you had a nice catch up with your friend. Happy weekend!

  5. Hi Amel, yes its like that over here too - whenever I go travelling people think I'm rolling in the cash...! :-) Little do they know that being abroad is in fact HARDER than being at home and that you have to work your BUM off to save any money - the cost of living is usually much higher abroad than in your country. They only think about the exchange rate and how much stronger foreign currency is. (It's a universal misconception I guess.)

    I had a similar experience once - I was in a spot of financial trouble for some months and eventually left the country to go work abroad and work to save and pay off my debts - all my friends disappeared during those tough times before I left, but BOY did they re-appear fast when I cam back for a visit a couple of years later :-D
    (people will be people)
    Ah well, if they don't travel they'll never know.

  6. Jul: OK, I'll go visit you soon! ;-D

    Nyumix: HA HA HA...We talked about EVERYTHING! ;-D

    WaterLearner: You too, Buddy! ;-D

    Shan: It didn't feel that long, though. *GRIN*

    The World According to Me: Well, it was actually our first long talk he he...Hope your weekend has been GREAT! ;-D

    Jean-Jacques: Yes, you're ABSOLUTELY right about the misconception of the foreign currency being stronger.

    And yeah...people will be people. But for what's worth it, from those experiences you know better which ones are your really true friends. ;-D

    And yes, travelling really broadens up your mind, right? ;-D