Sunday, June 01, 2008

Twenty Degrees

I think blogger is borked again. I haven't been receiving all the notifications about every comment from my blogger friends. Weird! I hope it'll be okay again later!!!

Anyway, let me give you an update about the job prospect. First of all, this is just a job opening for a substitute worker. So, if a worker there gets sick or something, then this substitute fills in for him or her. It may not be an ideal job for many people, but I guess for me it's as good as it gets if I get it he he he...

Yesterday morning my teacher and I met nearby the store, but turned out the woman in charge for recruiting wasn't there. She was going to come in the evening, so we decided to meet in the evening to meet her.

At first I was going to cancel the whole thing up, since I got COLD FEET!!! But my teacher said that I should just try it, so we did go back there at around 7.30 pm (after I went to my in-laws' place). The woman told me to fill in an application and send it to their head office, so my teacher's going to help me do it on Monday. I have to bring in my certificates and stuff (just like a regular job application). If they're interested in hiring me, then maybe there'll be an interview later. We shall see about that he he he...

I'm pretty scared about going to any job interview since it'll in Finnish. After all, during my whole life, I've only done TWO face-to-face job interviews. One of them didn't go well (that's another story to tell) he he I don't have enough practise in this area he he he he he...Oh well...

Yesterday was quite hot for Lapland. The temperature varied between 18-22'C (depending on whether it was windy or not). Sometimes the wind could be pretty cool, but sometimes there was no wind at all and it felt HOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

I helped my MIL take out many flowers to her outdoor greenhouse. Arttu helped his Dad do something he he he he he...after that, as usual we played cards and then went to sauna.

I took some pics, but I'm only going to upload them later, OK? ;-D Have a NICE start of the week, friends!!!


  1. hope you get the job, Amel :D

  2. good luck on your interview, i'll pray for you so you get the job ;)

    i have a tag for you

    no pressure though, just do it when you're free ;)

    happy monday!

  3. Jul: THANKS!!!!! ;-D

    Liza: THANKSSSSS!!!! ;-D And I'll see about the tag he he he he...;-D