Monday, June 02, 2008

Used Cars

For years my family didn't have a car as my parents simply couldn't afford it. When I was in the last grade in Junior High School, my Dad's younger sister wanted to sell her car and buy a newer one. She offered to sell it to Dad since she knew that we needed one. My aunt told Dad that he could pay her in installments.

At first Dad didn't dare commit, but my Mom supported him and said that she would help pay out the installments if he couldn't pay it some months. Mom supported him since she knew that my aunt had taken good care of the car, so even though it was a used car, it would still be running well for them for years.

So we began to have a car when I was around 15 years old. Then when I moved to Finland, the first priority in my mind was buying a newer used car since I knew that the car we owned then was so old already. Good thing was that Arttu's eldest brother worked in the car industry and he wanted to sell his car, so we bought it from him.

In my lifetime, I've had WONDERFUL experiences with used cars. How about you? I think you don't need to buy a new, much more expensive car in order to be able to enjoy its benefit. However, if you plan on buying a used car, you've got to be really careful so that you'll get the best deal (the best price and the best car condition).

If you're looking for a used car in UK right now, why don't you visit the link? They've done all the research for you, so you know you can trust them. And if you're not planning of buying a car, you can also ask their help to sell your car online. If you need to hire or lease a car, they also provide such a service. Isn't it a complete website? Come see it for yourself then! ;-D


  1. Hi

    Thanks for your posting………it is very impressive and effective too.When is the best time of the year to buy a new or used car?


  2. Winstonzane: You're VERY welcome!!! :-))) The best time of the year to buy a new or used car is when you've got a bonus LOL! :-D

  3. With a little effort in maintenance and some improvements, a used car could look like a new car and could even run like one. There are lots of used cars out there that are still competitive, reliable and very durable.