Saturday, June 28, 2008

Under the Weather

I've been under the weather since Thursday night, so I've been resting a lot. Sorry for not being able to visit or write much. I'll make up for it later on after the training is over, okay?

Now I just want to share this amazing video clip with you. My aunt sent me the link the other day, but I've only watched it today. A guitarist with no arms, Tony Melendez...

And this is a video clip of him playing and singing "Let it Be".


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  2. Mel, under the wheater teh apaan sih? sakit? cepet sembuh ya!!

  3. That gave me chills...especially with the late Pope speaking.. How inspirational this man is!

    Hope you feel better soon.. have you taken any Echinaceae drops? (Auringonhattu uute in the Kmarket) Helps to support the respiratory system...

    Love Michelle x

  4. Jul: You too!!!!!!!

    Trinity: Iya, under the weather means sakit he he he...

    Mrs. Arctic Rainbow: Auringonhattu uute? Nope, I didn't take it. THANKS for the info! I'll remember this next time. I bought some coughing medicine from the pharmacy, though. ;-D