Saturday, June 21, 2008


All my life until now, I've only worked in an office once. It was in a garment factory. When I first went there for my interview, my Dad took me, along with my Mom and brother hi hi hi hi...We were surprised when we got there since there were so many gigantic metal buildings around the area. The area was faraway from downtown, since there were many factories there.

Some factories had huge carports, metal carports to be exact, since they offered transportation to many employees as many people live downtown. This transportation idea was fine, except for the other downside.

If my work for the day was done at around 5 pm, then I could hop in one of the cars and get back home easily. The problem was that if I had finished work at around 7 pm, I had to wait another hour to get back home as that was the only other time schedule for their cars to escort the employees back downtown. That meant I only reached home at around 9 pm. Swell, isn't it?

Anyway, if there are two things that the job has taught me, they would be these:

1. That office politics is really dirty. People can look nicely and talk nicely in front of you, but behind you they can be so nasty since they really want to get ahead in their career.

2. That kind of job is DEFINITELY not for me he he he he he he...

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