Sunday, June 08, 2008

Flowers and Martabak

These are the pics of flowers I took in my MIL's place. ;-D Can't wait to see the rest of her blooms in the gardeeennnnn he he...

And here are my latest "cooking" attempt: Martabak Manis. I have no real martabak pan, so I just used my Teflon pan. The tough part in using the Teflon pan is that the bottom part of the martabak gets easily burnt. That's why I had to make it thinner. :-((((

After decorating half of them with banana slices, I used chocolate/nut spread for the other half. Yum yum...and I also sprinkled a little bit of powdered sugar he he...

Then they were cut in half and put on top of each other like this.

The result: TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I'm not too bad after all HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

This is the only Teflon pan I have that's deep enough and it has a cover, since to make martabak, you need a pan with a cover on top he he...If you're curious, you can write "martabak manis" in youtube. I've seen a few video clips there.

There's another version of this martabak, which is martabak asin or salty martabak. I may try it later once I'm back to being unemployed he he...


  1. I love those flowers! Your MIL really has green fingers!
    Your murtabak looks delish.

    In Singapore, our murtabaks are usually roti pratas filled with minced meat, like mutton or chicken.

  2. Hello Amel,

    I told you months ago that I would let you know as soon as I found the love letter from my dear husband. I finally found it and posted it on my blog.

    Your flowers are lovely.


  3. wow..the martabak looks great. yummy :D

  4. The flowers are so beautiful! And the Martabak Manis look yummy! Can I have some?

  5. Blur Ting: Yeah, she's really into gardening he he...And there's another version of martabak filled with meat. That's called salty martabak. ;-D

    Lori: Hey, THANKS A LOT for letting me know. I'll go there right away! ;-D

    Jul and Waterlearner: I'd love to share some with you he he...;-D

  6. ah that martabak manis, my hometown, we called it "kue bandung"... hehehe :)

  7. What pretty flowers. I love the pic with the blue sky.

    Your martabak looks yummy! I could eat that right now.

  8. Wow! The flowers look so fresh and lovely. :) And, yeah! Your martabak look scrumptious... yum yum! Droolsss... :D

  9. What beautiful flowers! Wow

    and the martabak made me feel hungry. :-D