Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Leg Warmer, Handbags, Baby Hats

I was browsing online today found these cute furry leg warmers. They look so chic and trendy for this upcoming winter, don't you think so? If you don't believe me, just click on the link he he he...After moving to Finland, it's VERY important for me to have leg warmers and thick socks. Plus, of course, it's MUCH better if I can get them on a discount or on a special price at the flea markets (even the flea markets sometimes sell new stuff, you know?).

Speaking of fashion, I've been thinking of buying something for my brother's wife. I'd love to buy her some clothes, but I'm not sure what her size would be like after she gives birth in October. So maybe I should go browse for handbags in the stores here or online stores. But then again I'd better find quite a big bag since I'm sure after the baby's born, she's going to bring SO much stuff with her when they go out with the baby.

And speaking of baby, I also want to buy some cute baby hats or caps. Now that I know the baby's going to be a boy, it's going to be FAR easier for me to find gifts to buy him he he he he...

Now all I need to do is save money and then find the appropriate gifts for them. I LOVE bringing home gifts for my family!!!! ;-D

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  1. I think it's far more rewarding to give than receive!

    Love the furry leg warmers. I can imagine they are ideal for those cold days and nights.