Monday, June 16, 2008

The "I Knew It" Moment

Note: This is my own reflection of the past and it has nothing to do with anybody I know here in Sodankylä.

There are a few types of "I Knew It" moments. One of them is the type when you're supposed to guess something that is of neutral or positive nature and you feel giddy with excitement when you blurt those words out. So you are right after all! YYYYEEESSSS!!!

Unfortunately, there are moments when you feel sad when you say those words. Those moments when you felt that there was something wrong at the back of your mind, yet you thought you were making it up. Then after a while, you found proof and your heart was broken. You felt betrayed and angry and stupid at the same time. You thought to yourself, "How could I have been so blind? I knew it already ever since a while ago, yet I was in denial."

There are also those moments when you could somehow feel that something bad would happen to someone you care about, yet you still hoped that things would turn out for the best. This is the type of moment when you don't want to say it or even think about it. You feel like you wanted to turn back time for that person's sake.

On the other hand, people make choices all the time and it's not your responsibility to shoulder the consequences of their choices. Sometimes you make choices you know you'll regret or choices that ask you for such a high price, yet you still take it. Only you yourself can decide whether to keep on walking on that particular road or not. Sometimes things change for the better even while you're walking still on that particular stretch of road, sometimes not.

Other times you change your attitude and perspective and you and your companion(s) make certain changes while you're on that particular road and that makes a HUGE difference. The air feels fresher and your burden feels lighter because of that. Other times you just need to get as far away from that road as possible and make a new start.

Some roads aren't as easy to get away from, as it involves many factors and people. As much as happiness is all in your mind, when you're stuck in a surrounding that makes it so hard for you to feel it, I suppose only God's grace is sufficient for you. Only His compassion and comfort would be enough to fill you up in exchange of sorrow and frustration.

And hopefully along the way there will come open doors of wonderful opportunities like a chest of treasure lying there or hidden somewhere behind the clump of bushes, waiting for you to pick...


  1. Your post today was pretty deep. I liked where you ended up with it.



  2. I agree with Lori. Very deep post. I have had so many of those moments myself :) And what makes me angry is to think that I should have trusted my gut feelings, my instinct as my mom would :)

  3. That's a very thoughtful post, Amel. Nice work! Yet another reason I enjoy come back to your post over and over again.

    Sadly, I can think of more instances where anticipation leads to sadness than happiness. I quoted a couple of sayings at the end of my recent post about sadness. That's a wee bit outside what you were talking about (sorry) but, again, I can relate to what you are saying.
    I just became a year older and if life (and reading the Bible) has taught me anything it's that even though God wants what's best for us, he wants to test us. It seems that he wants us to go through adversity so that we emerge as stronger people. It almost makes you want to be untested, weak but HAPPY, rather than tested, strong and weary. BUt that's not for me to decide but for God to decide.

  4. 2 corrections from the above comment. It should read "I enjoy comING back to your "BLOG" over and over again." (not "post")

  5. Lori: Glad you enjoyed it. God bless you too! ;-D

    La delirante: Yeah, I know what you mean about the gut feeling or instinct he he he...There were a few times in the past where I should have trusted it, too. ;-D

    Vince: No worries about sharing your thoughts, even though it has little or no correlation to my post, Vince! I LOVE reading other people's POVs.

    And you're right...God does test us to make us stronger, better, wiser...even though it may be one of the hardest stretch of road for us. May heaven help usssssss along those hard stretches of road and may we lean on God during those tough times instead of running away from Him.

  6. Great post.

    Life is definitely full of "I knew it" moments and I've had some nice ones and some not so nice ones.

    I'd like a door of wonderful opportunities to open very soon please!

    Take care. Stay happy. See you soon.

  7. Hi Amel,

    How has your afternoon gone at the gift shop? I very nearly came in.. I thought that I needed to buy something - to put in the post - but then I discovered that I did actually already have it was just hidden.

    I had a dream about you and Jariya last night..and you were both rolling downhill, doing rolling cartwheels, holding on to your ankles..(like you were tyres)...having a whale of a time! :D

    Yes, a thread of depth and inward reflection. I wonder where that came the depths of the night?

    As you know, despite doubt and wonder...I truly believe that we are always on the right path..even if it is painful...

    Love Michelle x

  8. hi amel! i've had so many of those moments too. you're right we make those choices and we should be responsible for the choices we made, it's just that, sometimes the results are hard to accept.

    i hope you had a great weekend dear. by the way i have something for you,

    take care.

  9. great post Amel... deep and thoughtful!

    I love this paragraph:Other times you change your attitude and perspective and you and your companion(s) make certain changes while you're on that particular road and that makes a HUGE difference. The air feels fresher and your burden feels lighter because of that. Other times you just need to get as far away from that road as possible and make a new start.

    is that called retoured? change perspective, change point of view, and take a different turn and got new better enlightened way?

    :-) Hugs

  10. It's a very good post indeed. Yah, I can completely relate to what you've written about. But life goes on whether what decisions we have made.

  11. This post sounds like something the oooolllddd Mel would come up with, with hints of new Mel here and there :). Whatever that 'I knew it' was, I'm happy you found that perspective change!! HUUUGGGSSS!!!!! ^____^

  12. That was good, Amel! Very insightful!

  13. The World According to Me: Glad you liked it. ;-D Yeah, unfortunately sometimes those moments aren't good he he he...

    I'm crossing my fingers so that your door is opennnnn soooooonnn! ;-D

    Mrs Arctic Rainbow: I'll write about my days soon. ;-D Your dream is FUNNY. ;-D

    Liza: Something for me? Why, THANK YOU in advance!!! Glad you enjoyed the post. ;-D

    Trinity: Yeah, I guess in a way it can be called something like that. ;-D

    Blur Ting: Yep, life goes on...and on...and on...

    Jul: GLAD you liked it! ;-D

    Fei: Old me and bits of new me? HE HE HE HE HE HE...The post isn't about me, though he he he...

    Kathy: Glad you enjoyed it. ;-D