Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ceiling Fans

Here in Finland I've never needed a fan, but when I still lived in Indo, there were times I wished we had ceiling fans since the temperature could get so hot and I was sitting all the time inside a little room, translating in front of the computer six days a week. Phew!!! I sweat like a pig during some hot days.

Speaking of fans, I remember the first time I saw ceiling fans that looked so elegant. It was hanging on the living room ceiling of my friend's house. The house was newly renovated, so everything was new and I was enjoying the breeze from the fans while waiting for her to dress up. Now, after checking out the photos online, I know that they are called Casablanca ceiling fans.

If you live in a tropical country, what kind of fans are you using? Modern ceiling fans? Or perhaps you prefer to use an air conditioner, eh?

Actually I'm a bit afraid that when I go back to Indo in October, I won't stand the heat he he he...but no matter what, I'm going to enjoy all the food once more! YEEEESSSSS!!!!!

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