Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back to Normandy

Yesterday a friend and I watched "Back to Normandy" in Midnight Sun Film Festival. Our first movie choice was "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", but unfortunately the tickets were sold out already, so we picked the next one available, even though we hadn't known what it was all about.

The beginning of the movie made us a bit confused, since we had NO idea what it was about. After a while, though, we realized that it was a documentary and we understood the flow of the story better and better.

I've never seen such a documentary before. It's a very interesting one. There was a scene of a pig farmer slaughtering a pig and letting the blood pour to a bucket. Kinda disturbing he he he...The beginning was slow, since we had NO idea what it was about, but once we grasped the whole idea, it became more and more intriguing. I can honestly say that I liked the ending to the documentary as it really provided closure. ;-D

If you click on the link, you'll read the synopsis of the documentary. It's basically about interviewing some people who acted in a movie 30 years back. The movie was based on a true story of a murderer. What made it confusing at first was that we didn't know anything about that movie that was produced 30 years back he he he he...but after a while everything became clearer and clearer.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll start my training, so maybe I'll also not be able to write too much since I'll be working full-time. After my training is done, we still have 3 last days at the course to talk about our training experience and to talk about what we're going to do next. Ummmm...what I want to do next is just go back to Indo and try to make a baby and then see what kind of course is available for me in the beginning of next year. Oh well...

Oh yeah, speaking of Midnight Sun Film Festival, after the movie, we went to an open cafe and enjoyed live music. We also met some people there whom my friend knew, so I've met many more people. One time while we were walking together, there was an Iranian guy stopping me only to ask where I came from. He just wanted to guess what kind of nationalities came to the Film Festival. He got surprised when he found out that I had lived in Sodankylä and that I didn't go there only to watch the Film Festival HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Then we saw something very crazy, too, when we were sitting down near a river's beach and enjoying the sun. It was only around 10'C and there were 2 guys and a woman skinny dipping in the river. They only went there twice and only for a few seconds, since the river's water must've been freezing!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...BRAVE people!!! That was the first time I had seen real people skinny-dipping in a public place right in front of my eyes. Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk...quite an experience!!!

OK, time to brush up my Finnish and then perhaps I'll blog-hop a bit he he he...


  1. Skinny dip in that kind of weather!!! Woahhh... and you got some free shows some more after the documentary heheheee... :D

    Oh, before you know, tomorrow is already October and you'll be leaving very soon. Hope everything goes well as planned especially the baby making hihihi...

    Well, all the best in your practical training, buddy! I know, it's gonna be realll busy for you for the first few months. Like me, I thought I can spend an hour or two in front of the computer at night time during working days, but I feel sleepy easily. So, I'm trying to divide my time wisely. :)

  2. you can't wait for your trip to indonesia hehehe..... :)

  3. Choc Mint Girl: HA HA HA HA...Yeah, free show indeed! ;-D

    THANKSSSSS for your good wishes. I also wish it comes true hi hi hi...

    You've made the right decision in prioritizing your time, Crystal! ;-D

    Jeanne: YESSSSSSSSSSSS that's very true! ;-D