Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Smell of Summer

These days whenever I walk from or to my training place, I see flowers around me. The smell of grass permeates the air, tickling my nostrils with the idea of swimming on a lake and sunbathing in the sun, surrounded by blooming flowers.

Just today when I was walking home, I saw a woman tending her window box planters. She had three different flowers for each window box planter. I can't wait to see my mother-in-law's flowers since last weekend we didn't go there. I can't wait to visit them this weekend!!!

In a place where summer probably only lasts a month, no wonder my mother-in-law plants so many different types of flowers in spring, so these days she can let them out in her garden planters and decorative planters. I particularly like her hanging basket planters, though. I promise that I'll take plenty of pictures the next time I go there, okay?

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