Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Join SlogBite!

My friend Mel Kaye has created a new directory site called Slogbite. The site is still under construction but is now accepting participants in preparation for its official launch. Join now! Don't wait for anyone to tag you if you're interested in joining in, OK?

SB 220X100

Join SlogBite:
  • There is no need to register!
  • SlogBite is a new concept in site directories (full participation.)
  • You decide what specific categories you want to be listed in (you can choose multiple categories.)
  • You decide your level of participation, “A” List or “B” List, by following the simple requirements.
  • You complete the form that appears in each category.
  • If you need a category to be created, it will be done upon request.
  • Slogbite is not limited to just blogs. It is open to anyone who has a web-presence.
  • SlogBite is meme based (lots of link-love, once officially launched) for the “A” List.
  • SlogBite has a varied selection of badges to choose from. Flying one of the badges is a requirement for both the “A” List and the “B” list.
  • Upon request, I will create a custom badge for your site that will point directly to the SlogBite category directory of your choice.

Searching for Sites:

  • Choose a category that interests you. Then choose a site to visit by clicking on their “most representative” post (”See the Best before you see the Rest”.) This way you start out with their best post that site has to offer in this category; a great way to browse sites; or
  • Type in a keyword that may be found in a site name, the representative post or the site description and “enter.”
  • Both options are directly under the SlogBite banner.
This blog is currently added to these categories: Expatriate, Personal Diary, Finland Blogs.


  1. Someone invited me here also, but I just find their mascot not appealing hehe. :P

  2. Laarni: HA HA HA HA HA...Well, I like this directory since I can join different categories without having to register. :-))) Plus I can choose different types of posts for different categories. ;-D

  3. Hiya Amel, thanks for inviting me :)