Monday, October 27, 2008

Trip to Indo: The Beginning

It's hard to know which story I should tell you first, so let me just choose randomly, okay? While flying to Indo, I was gripped with intense anxiety. I was afraid that I'd be shocked about the heat and the traffic jams and everything would overwhelm me. Due to the long plane journey, my anxiety dissipated bit by bit.

It felt strange to be back in Bandung, since I felt as though I had never left it. I still remembered clearly the public transit routes (provided that they didn't change) and everything seemed familiar. Maybe it's because I only left the city for 1,5 years before I visited it back. Of course there were some changes about the city, but the most surprising thing was the HEAT. Prior to moving to Finland in March 2007, it wasn't at all THAT hot. Now Bandung has become FAR hotter than 1,5 years ago.

My Mom and her elder brother were waiting for us in one mall in Bandung when we arrived there. We took a bus from Cengkareng airport in Jakarta that dropped all the passengers in one of the malls I used to frequent while I still lived in Bandung, so my Mom didn't have to go all the way to Jakarta to pick me up. These days there are FAR more choices to go to Bandung from the airport. There are plenty of bus or car rental services every half an hour or so.

Anyway, Mom and my uncle hugged me when they saw me. :-D We went to a pizza resto first to buy pizza for Arttu, since he was hungry. I ate already on the way to Bandung. We talked about many things while waiting for the food. After that, my uncle took us to my parents' house and left right away. I hugged my smiling Dad when we got back home and talked with my brother and my SIL.

We unpacked right away since we had to get the souvenirs and chocolate out he he he...My Dad was happy to get the 2-in-1 chess station. Turns out that these days he often goes out for a walk in the morning to a nearby place and then he would play chess against some people there. Then he'd go back home at around 10 am to sleep. He sleeps a lot during the day and at around 2 am he'd wake up for a few hours before he goes back to sleep.

Arttu and I took a shower right away after that. My Mom wanted us to take a family picture at a photo studio, so one afternoon we went there together. Here are the pics:

This third picture is a picture of our family when we went to a mall with my Uncle (my parents have sold their car, so my Uncle helped me go around a bit with his car - BLESS HIM!!!). There we met his daughter and her family he he he...My Uncle is the one standing on the right behind my Mom.

OK, it's enough for now, I guess. I'm gonna watch movies with hubby now he he...To be continued tomorrow he he...


  1. You have a nice looking family. I hope you had a great time while visiting with them.

  2. whoa!!! I love the pictures!!! can't wait to see our pictures here... remember that cliff was not allowed me to use the camera? hiks hiks.. hehehehe I don't have pictures to upload... huhuhu

  3. The family photos are so nice!! You mum is brilliant to come up with this suggestion. You've really made your family so happy by taking this trip home to see them :-)

  4. Those are nice family pictures

  5. 74wixygrad: THANKS!!! And yes, I had a WONDERFUL time with them he he...

    Trinity: Okay, I'll upload them soon then he he he...

    Blur Ting: It was really unexpected. We didn't think we would have enough money already to pay for our two round-trip tickets, so I'm totally GRATEFUL that we could make it. ;-D

    Momstart: GLAD you enjoyed them. THANKS for your comment! ;-D

  6. too bad we didn't go to photo studio when we were in jkt. but we had family photos when my brother married also with prof photographer :D

  7. Jul: Yeah, you were there for your brother's wedding, so there would be many pictures already he he...

  8. Wonderful looking family. It's always great to see family together and to spend time together. Wish my family was close to do that. I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

  9. Dawn: Yeah, I know what you mean. It's hard to see a big family getting along well with one another. We can always hope and wish for the best, though. ;-D

  10. We have planning to take a family picture, too. Yours are very nice especially with all the happy faces. :)

  11. Choc Mint Girl: HAVE FUN at the studio! These days it's easier to take a good picture with all the digital camera technology. In the studio you can pick right away the best pic of all those you've taken. ;-D

  12. Michelle: Glad you enjoyed the pics! ;-D

  13. Oooh, Amel!!!

    Such a lovely family! Arttu looks great! He was happy, eh?

    I love your outfit in this pics: it is so lovely! And you were glowing too!

    Your SIL is gorgeous! And who is that cute little baby (wearing such nice sandals)?

    Thanks for sharing, girl :D!