Saturday, October 04, 2008

3BT: Random Days

1. Having warm-hearted in-laws that always accept me as who I am and they never make me feel like a stranger. They never get involved in our affairs and they always accept our visits lovingly and warmly. I LOVE the homey atmosphere I always feel when I'm there. The house is never filled with angry voices or criticism. Instead, it's filled with laughter and comfort.

2. Having a hubby that never raises his voice at me. This morning before he left for his trip (I was still sleeping - BLESS him for accepting me for who I am!!!), he left me a love note. It's been a while since he did that and I was secretly hoping that I'd get one this morning...and I DID!!!!!! HURRAHHHH!!! ;-D

3. A few times hubby warmed my foot up with his big hand (my shoe size is only 35-36) when he realizes that it's rather cold. Mmmmm...I LOVE it when he does things for me when I don't ask him to do!!!

4. My own family (my parents and brother and his wife) always support me. My Mom even supported our going to Singapore even though that meant that our time together in Bandung would be shorter. What would I do without them, without her?

5. Found out from Mom when I called her yesterday that my brother's wife's Dad has volunteered to take us to one mall in Bandung at around 4 am later on to catch the bus to go Cengkareng Airport when it's time for us to go to Singapore. He's not even my Dad, but he volunteers to do it for us???????? GOD BLESS THAT MAN AND HIS FAMILY!!! My brother's LUCKY to have in-laws like that!!!

6. Missing hubby. It is good that he's away like this for one tomorrow I can run to the door and shower him with kisses and wag my tail HE HE HE hE HE HE HE...

7. Hearing birds chirping loudly outside this morning. The sound was so loud and clear.

8. Excitement to meet my family, my friends, and (hopefully) my Singaporean blogger friends SOON HO HO HO HO HO HO...And excitement to eat Asian food again, of course. Yum yummmm...Foodvaganza, here I come!!!!!!!!!! ----> The other day when I was rather stressed, I didn't feel excited, I just wanted to stare at the floor all day and do nothing hi hi hi...that's why I count "excitement" as a beautiful thing he he...

9. Sauna on a cold night (it was 0'C already yesterday when we got back from Kelujärvi).

10. Since it was already so cold, the sky shown beautiful pink color near the horizon...mmm...I LOVE staring at that type of sky. Wish someday I could capture the moment with my camera, though photos won't do any justice to its beauty.

11. Anticipating some kind of spa activity either in Bandung or Singapore. OH OH OH I MISS having a massage!!! Especially a side-by-side massage with hubby ho ho ho ho ho...


  1. i see, you can't wait to go to indo hehehe :)

  2. So, how is the movie?

  3. Jeanne: Yes, of course he he he...

    Nyumix: It was good! ;-D

  4. have wonderful bless in your life. I hope you enjoy your time in Indo with your family. What time you will leave tomorrow???

  5. Jul: Yes, I'll enjoy my time fully there he he...I'll leave at around 11 am tomorrow, I think. Our plane leaves at around 1.45 pm.