Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pap Smear in Indo

Judging by the comments on my Pap Smear test post, I should tell you something that may be shocking hi hi hi hi...In Indonesia, since Pap Smear isn't free, there aren't that many women who would volunteer to go for that kind of check-up.

Gyneacologists there also wouldn't really recommend to do the test on virgins (they suppose unmarried women are virgins since it's very impolite to assume otherwise), unless the patient insisted on it (I've heard of a virgin who insisted of being tested, so she must've been very sure about it so that the doctor finally gave in). My own mother has NEVER had a Pap Smear test in her entire life. She just doesn't want to do the whole thing and she says she just prays that nothing bad happens.

So yes, even until today women are still expected to marry as virgins there, even though I know these days there are less and less virgins there. Among my married friends who live in Indonesia, I've only heard one of them who's ever done Pap Smear test on her own free will.

In Indonesia, in everybody's mind, a Pap Smear test is "too gruesome" and "painful" to endure. That was what one friend told me (she has never had a Pap before even though she's had a kid), so I guess we can concur that most women in Indo think that way.

Today I'm home alone. Arttu has an office trip to Rovaniemi (bowling, etc.). My plan is just to take it easy and to watch "Sex and the City" he he he...Our suitcases are packed. The only thing we need to pack more neatly is the backpack and we also need to bring some more last minute details like toothbrush, my moisturizer, etc.

OK, time to blog-hop nowwwww...


  1. my mother did pap smear when she had to do general check up. was expensive in indo

  2. Hmmm... Judging by the reactions from the people I know in my place, I think most part in Asia still have this kind of thinking about pap smear...

    Anyway, I've read about your post on the hotel confirmation at Singapore... happy for you! Hope everything is going to be smoooottthhhh... :)

  3. Jul: My Mom never had a general check up hi hi hi hi...

    Choc Mint Girl: they're also like that in Malay? I see.

    THANKSSSS, Buddy!!! Now everything's set. All we need to do is GO and EXPERIENCE HE HE HE HE...

  4. I think it is very good that most women remain virgins there until they marry.

    The trend here is turning more that way than in my hay day. We were wild. The generation fighting for women's rights and such.

    Some of it went way too far. The young women today are much more sensible than we were.

    I know the rest of the world doesn't see that side of america because of our t.v. shows and movies but it is true.

    But I am glad to hear that you did get a smear. It is a very important thing to keep up with.

    I just know you are so excited. I hope you have the time of your life!XX:-)))

  5. Shinade: Unfortunately, in Indo I THINK the trend is turning towards "becoming wilder" than in the old days. So they are less and less conservative, so to speak.

    Yeah, I know a Pap Smear is important. That was why I decided to go (other than the fact it was free HI HI...).

    THANKKKSSS!!! I know I'll enjoy my holiday SO much!!! ;-D I just hope I won't have to buy new, bigger clothes when I go back 'coz I'm going to eat A LOT HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

  6. I dont believe in being sexually wild..but I most certainly do not believe in being a virgin before marriage either..sorry..I just disagree with that...

    A smear test in the UK is done differently from Finland and the Finnish one is much better in my view. In the UK it was a case of lying on your side with knees up.. but here its sat up and legs akimbo! :D Its the light on the ladies head that always makes me smile!

    I have had way too many of them and disliked them every time...but wouldnt miss one either. As you know Amel, my last one was a different type where they took a snip out of me too! OUCH!

    Glad yours was pain free.. I think it also depends on the time of your monthly cycle and who you get to do it!

    Love Michelle xx

  7. Michelle: I understand what you mean, but there's no harm done in being a virgin, too. ;-D a UK Pap Smear is done differently, eh? Interestingggg!!!

    Yeah, I knew your last one was painful due to that...uuugghhh...

    Well, funny thing was that I read online that it "shouldn't be painful". Dunno, though...they say that the best time to do it is 10-20 days after your first day of period.