Friday, October 03, 2008

Pap Smear

WARNING: This post may contain graphic description!!!!!

Hubby could take some time from work to take me to the health care and pick me up. THANK YOU, Hubby!!! That's the good thing about living in a small village hi hi only takes a few minutes to go someplace to pick me up and then back to the office ho ho ho...

So, I was slightly anxious while sitting in the waiting room alone. I only had to wait for 5 minutes before the gyneacologist called me. Thank GOD it was a WOMAN he he he he he...So I came inside and she asked me a few questions, such as:

Where I was born
Whether hubby and I had sexual partners in the past
When my last period was
Whether I had taken this kind of test before
Whether I had a history of chlamydia etc.
Whether I had experienced bleeding before
Whether I had given birth before
Whether I had taken birth control pills before

Then when she found out it was my first Pap Smear, she said that I shouldn't worry as it wouldn't hurt. I would just feel something cool there. Okie dokie...Btw, when I didn't understand the question, she'd rephrase it for me, so she's a COOL gyneacologist!!! ;-D

So after taking down my history, she told me to undress though I could keep my socks on. Yes, thank you, doctor, I'd like to keep my socks on, please he he he he he...

Since I had to concentrate on my Finnish (listening and answering her questions) for the first 10 minutes, my anxiety and tension were gone. So, THANK GOD that Finnish managed to get rid of my anxiety HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

So I laid back on the examination chair, then she moved the chair a bit upward so that she could see clearly HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...Before she did anything, she would tell me first so I wouldn't be shocked. GOOD doctor!!! Plus she spoke SLOWLY so that I would understand HO HO HO HO...Bless her!!!

She also talked to me while taking samples, so I could focus on Finnish again hi hi hi hi...Well, first of all I felt something cool there and then some kind of tool to separate "the walls". I could feel her turning a knob so that the tool separated "the walls", then I felt some light probing and rubbing (when she took the sample with a Q-tip or something) several times. Nothing else.

The booklet I received stated that I might feel a slight pinch (like being bitten by an ant), but I didn't feel any kind of pain at all. It was done pretty quickly, so it was BETTER than I thought it would be he he he he he...The doctor said that there might be some slight spotting, but it wouldn't be dangerous. Well, until now there's no sign of spotting. ;-D

So that's that. I even managed to go to a clothes store and supermarket right after the test was done hi hi hi hi...


  1. Oh my Amelia it was really your first? Oh dear you should have those done every year from now on.

    I am glad it was a good experience!! And is there a special reason that you and hubby decided to get things checked out?

    Will we be getting any news soon??

  2. Shinade: Here in Finland the health centre sends us invitation to do Pap Smear for free once you turn 30 and they'll keep on inviting us to do so every 5 years (free of charge) if there's nothing wrong.

    That was why I decided to go, since it's free HI HI HI HI HI...

  3. here is the same. I think I'll get it next year...

  4. You are a young one indeed. My daughter just had her first pap, she just turned 21.

    I'm glad to hear everything went well for you.



  5. Jeanne: So your turn is next year, eh? Okay thennnn...

    Lori: So your daughter had her first Pap that early, eh? I see...Yeah, I'm also glad it went very well he he...

  6. I did this around in year 2004/2005 i forgot. Every 5 years we have to do that in here. i don't like it but yeah...we had to :((

  7. Hi Amel..
    First time eh... i still dun like it and I make sure the gynae is a woman.. no excuses and no exception!! hehe

    Like Juliana say.. it's for our own good eh.. :)

  8. Jul + LJ: Yeah, nobody likes it, I guess, but oh well...prevention is better than cure he he he...

  9. Hey girl,

    I am glad everything went well for you!
    And I am extremely happy about your Finnish improvements :D!


  10. Max: THANKSSSSSSSSS SO MUCH for your help and support!!! ;-D