Friday, October 31, 2008

Passion Fruit

I'm in a lazy mood, so I'll blog-hop later, OK? Just wanna share some more pics of our trip to Indo. When R2 first came to Indo in 2006 to marry me, we introduced him to jackfruit ("nangka" in Indonesian) and he fell deeply in love with it. He even said, "This is my candy!!!"

So my Mom remembered to buy him some when we were there.
Look how happy he was to be able to eat jackfruit again!!! ;-D

I pointed some durians at R2 in one supermarket, but he wasn't interested in trying it. I personally don't really like durians he he when I spotted passion fruit, I thought I'd introduce it to him, too!!!

When I split it open like this below pic, R2 was confused to see all those "seeds" inside HA HA HA HA HA...I could tell he was SO skeptical about this fruit. I told him how to eat it and then told him to try.

Here he was, trying it out...he said it was OK, though jackfruit was still FAR better than passion fruit hi hi hi hi...


  1. for me, i can not eat nangka. If I eat i only can eat 1 and small nangka. Aku punya sakit maag :(( makanya tdk bs mkn nangka :((

  2. Oh, I love nangka too. Passionfruit is called buah susu right?

  3. I'd love to taste Jackfruit. :-)

    I did the same with my hubby, Sandy, when he came out to Africa. We went to the market and came home with Papaya, passionfruit, prickly pears and kumquats.

    The kumquats are tiny oranges, they're nice but quite bitter. Poor Sandy, he stuck the whole thing in his mouth... bit... and ran to spit it out. I was laughing so hard, evil me! :-D

  4. Jul: you can't eat nangka? Too bad! :-(((

    Blur Ting: In Bandung we call it "konyal" he he he...

    Michelle: You haven't tasted jackfruit? Then you MUST 'coz I LOVE that fruit, too he he...

    LOL LOL LOL!!! Poor Sandy indeed hi hi hi...But if I were you, I'd also laugh so hard LOL LOL LOL!!!

  5. Jackfruit is a new one on me too.. can you describe the taste? I will have to look it up on google!

    I am not a lover of Passionfruit myself. I am sure I have seen them here though on sale in the Valintatalo. Ha..a lot more expensive though I bet than in Indonesia...LOL!! Well, EVERYTHING is expensive in Finland isn't it!

    Love Michelle x

  6. Jeanne: I love nangka better than passion fruit, actually he he...

    Michelle: Jackfruit is sweet if it's ripe he he...but it has a tad sour taste, too. It's just LOVELY!!! ;-D

    Sometimes I'm in the mood to eat passion fruit as long as they're ripe. If they're not ripe, then they suck he he...And yeah, fruit in Indo is MUCH MUCH cheaper than in Finland hi hi...

  7. Hi Amel! Hope you're doing well --I haven't been able to do much blog reading lately, but am trying to get started back again. So happy you got to go to Indonesia!

  8. hehhe.. I saw nangka a couple days ago.. and I remember r2's candy

  9. Hi Amel,
    I have to agree he looks like he's really enjoying it.

    I am so sorry too about being so late in getting here.

    But yesterday was voting day for us and I am running behind on everything!!

    I am loving all of the pictures!!


  10. I love 'nangka', too. :D It's hard to get rid off the smell from the hands, right?! :D Durian is also my fave!! :D And, passion fruit, we call it 'markisa'. Not a fave, but I do drink the juice that can be bought at the supermarket. :D

  11. So which local fruit is his fav?

  12. Waterlearner: Jackfruit! :-D

  13. Kathy: I've been doing GREAT, THANKSSSS!!!! No worries about not being able to blog-hop. I understand. ;-D

    Trinity: HA HA HA HA HA!!! ;-D

    Shinade: Glad you enjoyed the pics. No worries about the late visit! ;-D

    CMG: Yes, it's hard to get rid of the smell of jackfruit from the hand, but I LOVE the smell anyway hi hi hi...Durian is your fave? Uuuuggghhhh...not mine, thank you very much he he...

    Well, in Indo there's a difference between passion fruit and markisa, they say. Let me try and find out hmmm...

  14. i love durian and nangka. Durian being my more fave. Passion fruit, i prefer it for juice drink.

  15. Me, the islands and the world: you're another durian lover. :-)))) Passion fruit as juice drink is also nice and fresh! I LOVE fruit juice!