Friday, October 24, 2008

Speed Warning + Camera

For some of you, these following two pics are a common sight. For an Indonesian girl like me, they're pretty interesting to see. Around downtown Sodankylä, there are no such a thing as a speed warning and speed camera. When we went to Southern Finland last July, we put on our GPS system and every now and then the female voice warned us, "Warning! Warning!" when we were about to come across the speed camera or when our speed was a little bit over the required speed.
First pic: here comes the warning sign that a speed camera is about to be seen not farther away from this spot.

Second pic: Here's the pic of the speed camera. If you're over the limit, it'll immediately take a picture of your car and then you'll get a bill about the speeding ticket later on in your mailbox. Ugh!!! No no no...a speeding ticket bill here costs around €160-180 if I'm not mistaken.YIKES!!!


  1. Interesting! It's not a common sight for me either. :)

  2. Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, I guess it's not common for Indo and Malay, eh? HE HE HE...

  3. Wow, that's an expensive summon. We had alot of speed cameras here too and not just getting a fine, we get demerit points too. If we accumulate too many points, our license will be suspended.

    Oh,I'm sure it's nice to be back home at last!

  4. Blur Ting: Over here if you get 3 tickets, your license will be suspended he he...

    Yeah, it feels nice and slightly weird to be back home. Weird 'coz it's dark here most of the day already, whereas over there the sun was shining most of the time during the day he he...