Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Photos with Blogger Friends

As per Trinity's request, here are my pics with my blogger friends: Trinity and Blur Ting. Trinity and I met in Bandung. She picked me up and then we went to a mall to have lunch together with Cliff, her youngest son. She tried to take a picture of us, but Cliff wouldn't let her have the digital camera ha ha ha ha ha...and then the battery died, so here are the only two pictures of us.

THANK YOU for treating us in the resto, Trin!!! It was a pleasure to meet you and Cliff! ;-D

A funny thing happened when we were supposed to meet Blur Ting. She was coming to pick us up at our hotel (Metropolitan YMCA). I didn't realize that there was another YMCA hotel near Orchard Road, so when she rang me and told me that she was in front of the lobby already, we got out and looked around the small parking lot and found no one hi hi hi...Then when I told her the address, she said she had gone to another YMCA hotel. Silly me! I should have told her the address of our hotel!!!

But anyway, she found us just fine and she took us to her lovely apartment. I LOVE how she decorated her apartment and her bedroom is HUGE compared to ours he he he he he...Rusty was there, too, so we got to meet him. He's SO cute!!! ;-D Just look at him! That was Arttu's hand, by the way hi hi...

This first picture wasn't so successful since the guys, CH and Arttu, were looking elsewhere ha ha ha ha ha...but I want to show this picture since Rusty's in it he he...

Anyway, Blur Ting cooked us different types of dishes: Tom Yum soup, chicken curry, fried tofu filled with meat along with slices of fish, and shrimps. She even gave me some clothes and body lotion!!!

THANK YOU again for everything, BT and CH!!!
Would love to meet you again someday. CH even spent time to browse for some local shops online since Arttu wanted to buy some computer games and the address that he gave Arttu was really useful for us. ;-D

When I mentioned to Arttu that next time we could go back to Singapore, he said that we should probably just fly to Singapore first before arriving in Indo (or the other way around) so that we don't have to go back and forth from Bandung to Jakarta to catch the flight he he he...

OK, time for me to start my exercise regime again before I blog-hop. :-))) Taebo, here I comeeee!!!


  1. do gain your weight ^_^

    you must be have a good time with trin :D

  2. Jul: I just weighed myself and funnily enough, my weight is still the same he he he...And yes, I had a good time with Trin and Blur Ting and CH! ;-D

  3. waaaah.... quite cute!! hahahah

  4. and I love to see that I don't look big at all in that pic.. huahahaha

  5. Trinity: OF COURSE you're NOT big he he he he...you're just normal, Trin! ;-D

  6. Oh Trinity's son is so cute!!
    Your new camera takes excellent photos! It's a really good buy! Isn't it so cool to meet up with friends from the blog! You're the first one I've met, all the way from Finland too!

  7. Blur Ting: Yes, he's cute he he he...and I was amazed 'coz he ate a lot! ;-D

    Yes, we love our new camera. The quality of the video is also MUCH better than my old camera. So I'm happy about it.

    So I'm the first blogger friend you've met? It's a PLEASURE to be the first one he he...;-D

  8. Oh, forgot to add: You're also the first blogger friend I've met, Blur Ting HE HE HE...

  9. Yay! Actually we were expecting to hear your 'he he he' in real life but you mostly smiled sweetly :-)

  10. Blur Ting: BWA HA HA HA HA HA...now you make me laugh!!! ;-D Yeah, I know I'm not really as expressive in person as in my blog hi hi hi...I'm as wacky as I am in my blog only in front of R2 he he he...He calls me crazy! ;-D

  11. How lovely that you all got to meet up! And sample Blur's yummy food!

  12. Love the photos. It sounds likje a wonderful time. I would love to meet you and Trin someday.

  13. Oh, you guys had so much fun! I really hope to meet up with my blogger friends, too! :) Wonderful experience. :)

  14. The World According to Me: Yeah...hope you get to meet Blur one day! ;-D

    Michelle Dawn: Glad you enjoyed the pics. I'd love to meet all my blogger friends, including you!!! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Who knows maybe someday I'll visit you, too!!! ;-D

  15. Oh Amelia it's so very very good to have you back.

    I have missed you very much. But, I am so happy for you that you got to go.

    The pictures are fabulous and the food sounds yummy.

    It looks like you all had such a grand time.

    And that makes me so happy for you.

    And now for this...you're tagged!


    It's a wonderful cause and I do so hope you can join in!!


  16. I'm so happy that you've had such a good trip to Indo! It's so nice to travel.

  17. Hi Amel, I know we have emailed each other - from across town - LOL.. but Ive only just managed to catch up with your blog. Lovely photos and energy within them. So glad it all went to plan. The photo with your Uncle and your Mum and Dad is my favourite. A really relaxed picture and your parents are just beaming. Really lovely. NOW..I am waiting for Little Ken BABY PICS!!!! :D See?? Visualisation DOES work...

    Love Michelle x

  18. Shinade: Yeah, it was such a worthwhile trip! ;-D THANKS for the tag and the warm welcome! I'll do it later on! ;-D HUGS back!

    Vince: Yeah, it was nice to go back to my family and hometown he he...

    Michelle: Yup, we went to the mall after the photo shoot at the studio (thus we were wearing the same clothes ha ha...) and we were just relaxing and enjoying ourselves. ;-D

  19. Hey Amel,

    Trinity was gorgeous! I already knew she is gorgeous, but in these pics she is glowing!

    I don't know BT but her flat is charming!

    Girl, you and Arttu had a lot of fun! :D

    I am off to the next post...