Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Soul Guardian

As usual, this is just for fun he he he...let's share our results, shall we? Here's mine:

Mother Nature watches over you. You're wise and observant. You have a keen sense of people and are a dedicated worker. Your emotions can run wild and you may at times be controlling. Mother Nature is always there to protect you, though. Like a mother, Mother Nature is always holding your hand and will guide you through life. She will help you through life's obstacles. You may find yourself feeling unusually comfortable in the presence of nature.

This is the link to the test: Who Is Your Soul Guardian?


  1. we share the same result! hehehe...

    thank you for spending your time to meet me..thank you so much for the oleh oleh nya... :-)

    say hi to R2 from me ok? *wink*

  2. did meet Trinity :D and how was going on? tell me later ok

  3. Hey Amelia,

    Apparently a fairy watches over me :D!

    I hope you are having loads of fun! I know you almost coming back, so I wish you a nice trip back home :D!


  4. Trinity: Ahhhh...interesting then! It was FUN meeting you too, Trin!!! Hi back from Arttu and UR very welcome for the oleh2 he he he...

    Jul: Yes, I'll let you know later he he...

    Max: Ahaaahhhh!!! GREAT result for you!!! THANKS, our flight back was okay despite the long wait in Bangkok he he...