Sunday, January 04, 2009

3BT: Random Days

1. I got cranky the other day (yes, again!) and my super patient hubby really knew how to make me smile. He took the initiative to wash the pile of dishes in the kitchen hi hi hi hi...That made me un-cranky! ;-D

2. Again hubby did something for me that he knew I'd need, even though it didn't even cross my mind. THANK YOU SO MUCH for thinking of MY needs, Honey!!!

3. We DID go to the cabin to spend a WONDERFUL night underneath a VERY STARRY sky (along with a beautiful golden crescent). SPLENDID!!! Oh, and did I mention that the cabin is the place where he proposed me? That's why that place will ALWAYS be memorable for me.

4. I laughed like crazy until tears came out of my eyes and I couldn't even stop to speak. Yes, that kind of laughter! It's been a while since I laughed like that, so it felt SO SO SO SO SO good!

5. My MIL told me about her mother's life story. I'm going to write about this later. I LOVE hearing stories as my Mom always tells me stories and my MIL really reminds me of my own mother. :-)))

6. Seeing a group of waxwings (or tilhi in Finnish) flying over me (about 1,5 metres ahead of me). It was quite a moment! I'd NEVER have been able to experience it had I stayed in Indo he he he...

7. My mind isn't so full of questions, pressures, and self-accusations anymore. I don't know how long this will last and when I get my answers, but I'm going to take it E-A-S-Y!

8. My brother sent me some family pics, including Ken's. He looks fatter now hi hi hi hi...Here he is:


  1. omg....Ken is grow up so quickly isn't it :D

    Did you still cranky when chatting with me hi hi hi hi

  2. How beautiful Ken is getting! So CUTE in his Fireman top!

    It looks to me, like he is holding a pretend microphone to his mouth! Perhaps he will grow up with lots to say, or be a TV presenter! :D

    Lovely picture! x

  3. That's the best kind of laughter!

    Baby Ken is adorable.

  4. Hi Amel, your nephew looks so cute....gemes pisan pengen nyubit pipinya;-))

  5. Amel, you are a winner of a Top Banana! Come on over and accept your award.

  6. I love that sort of laughter... in the end you're usually laughing at the fact that you're laughing so much, which makes you laugh even more and it really is hard to stop - some good life prolonging :)


  7. Huah.. cute Ken look a bit like you as well!

    wah you got cranky? and laugh? ah, PMS? so emotionally up and down hahaha..

  8. Hmmm.. He's gonna be a fireman as far as i see from his t-shirt :)

    We love you Ken!!!!

    Hugs !!!

  9. Hi Amel!

    I am glad that you are feeling a bit better :D!

    Oooooh...Ken is so cute!!!! Look at that gorgeous face!!!

    Girl, this is the first time we speak in 2009 :D! I wish you a fantastic year, darling!


  10. got cranky? is it almost your period? hehehe....:D

  11. sounds you have a wonderful family... glad to hear such things ^^

  12. THANKS for all your support, everybody!!!! ;-D Yeah, I just wished I could play with Kennnnn he he he he he...

  13. Jeanne: Iya nih mo mens hi hi hi...