Saturday, January 03, 2009


I dedicate this song especially for M. Frost (Crow's Feet) and Max. Every time I hear this song, it feels so homey...I hope everybody enjoys this one.

This is "Mombasa" by Movetron.

Here are the lyrics and R2 helped me with the translation since it was SO hard he he...I'll tell you about our cabin trip later, OK? Have to upload pics first he he...


Jäi Mombasaan vain päivä elämää
Ja elämään nyt Mombasa vain jää
Kuumankostean minä tunsin Mombasan
ja meren, taivaan afrikan

Only one day of my life was left in Mombasa
And only Mombasa now stays alive
I knew the humid Mombasa
and the sea and sky of Africa

Mä ensin näin vain meren sinisen
Ja koralliin löi aallot jylisten
Pärskeen takaa näin sinun hahmos yllättäin
Sä nousit rantaan nauraen

I first saw only the blue sea
and the waves rumbling to the corals
behind the splash I suddenly saw your figure
You walked up to the shore laughing

Ja simpukan, niin vaahdonvalkoisen
sä ojensit ja katsoit hymyillen
Koskin simpukkaa ja sen pintaa karheaa
kuin vartaloas kosteaa.

And a seashell, white like foam
you passed it on to me and looked at me smiling
I touched the seashell and its rough surface
Like you damp body

Kun polttaen löi tuuli kasvoihin,
niin käsissäs sä kannoit aaltoihin
Tyrskyn alle jäin. Olit vahva sylissäin,
niin lämmin suolanmakuinen

When the burning wind struck my face
you carried me to the waves
I got under the surging wave. You were strong in my embrace
So warm and salty

Kun saapui yö, niin tyrskyt lannistui
ja lahdelmaan vain kevyt vaahto ui
Kuulin unessain leopardin huudon vain
ja kosketin sua uudestaan

When the night came, the surging waves gave up
and only the soft foam swam to the bay
I heard only the leopard's roar in my dream
And I touched you again


  1. Thank you! That was a lovely surprise. :-)

  2. waiting for the cabin's story

  3. Hi Gorgeous!

    Oh my...what a beautiful song (and the lyrics are beautiful too)!!! And thanks for having dedicated it to me (and M. Frost) *Hug*!!! You are an absolute darling!

    Thanks R2 for having helped Amel with the translation :D!


  4. Michelle + Max: Glad you both liked this song! :-))))

    Nyumix: HE HE HE HE HE...Okay!