Thursday, January 22, 2009

Splish Splash Again

Well, first of all I'd love to state my deep sympathy for the loss of Magick, Arctic Rainbow's beloved cat. He died on the operating table. :-(((( I got a few chances to play with him, so HE WILL BE MISSED!!!

Sorry for the absence. Have been so tired lately and last night when I was going to blog here, I met one of my closest friends online. It has always been SO hard to be able to chat with her since she has a young son, so we made the best of the time we had. It was such a NICE LONG CHAT!!!

Work-wise, my second project is almost done. I still have to think about my third project (decorating the music books' area), but I'm not in a hurry. Besides, the manager doesn't force me to do anything if I don't want to, so let's see what I can come up with he he he...

I can't wait for the end of this month when we're going to get the keys for the new apartment and then we can start moving our things bit by bit there. We still have to pay this apartment's rent until the end of next month, so that means we still have one month to move our things to the new apartment. Plus we have to clean up this apartment before we leave it for good. So it'll take time now that I'm training almost full-time. But don't worry, friends, I'll take some pics later on to show you our new place he he he...I still haven't seen it myself!!! ;-D

GREAT news is that turns out there's a public sauna there, RIGHT beside our front door HA HA HA HA HA HA...And since there are only 2 other apartments next to ours, that means there would only be maximum 6-8 other people living there, so that means even though it's a public sauna, we'll get plenty of chance to use it if we want to. YIIIIIHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!! ;-D

What else? Oh yeah, I've the honor to receive this award from Michelle Dawn and also a tag. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words, Dawn!!!

Here are the rules:

1. Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer.

2. Select the 4th picture in the folder.

3. Explain the picture.

4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

So, as you can see, it's a picture of Ken, my bro's baby hi hi hi...with my Christmas tree. Yep, it was my Christmas tree, given on my birthday by my friend. :-))))

I called my Mom the other day. She's been taking care of Ken along with a helper (it's hard for my Mom to get up and down the stairs to hang clothes to dry) since my SIL has got back to work. Mom says that Ken seems to want to be a drummer or something, since he LOVES moving his body around or tapping his feet. Here's another pic of Ken hi hi hi...

I showed the pics to my MIL and she was cooing happily while looking at the pics HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

OK, time for my very needed nap and then I'll blog-hop, OK? Hope everybody's fine!!!


  1. First i wanna say my sorry for this little cat, it must be too hard for its family :(

    And about your moving,i'm curious to see your new flat's photos Amel! I'm sure it's like a palace which suits the great couple "Amel & R2"!!!:)
    And Ken!!! I think he'll never be aware of his fans till his 7 years old, ha :)? Whisper his ear that there's a blogger girl named Burcu from Istanbul/Turkey and loves him a lot even just from photos ;)


  2. Cats and dogs become a part of you after a while. It's like losing a part of you..

    But the sauna sounds lovely. I wish I had a sauna next to my house haha!

  3. Moving seems to me so hard even when you do it with someone you love. Make sure you go through all your stuff and anything you don't need or want, throw it away. That will make the moving go easier. I always lose at least one important thing when I move. Hopefully you'll do better than that!

  4. Losing a pet is difficult. I'm so glad Bella is still a baby bunny...

    Ken is extremely adorable, he's SUCH a cute baby!

  5. You will be very busy....i see hehehe :)

  6. Oh wow, Ken is so big already! Cute little baby!

  7. move to new house it is not must be super busy :D take care and have a nice weekend

  8. I'm sorry to read about Artic Rainbows loss, Magick. Pets really do become part of the family and it's so sad and painful when you loose them.

    On a more positive note - a sauna! I'm impressed. And it sounds like baby Ken had rythmn in his toes!

    Happy weekend. Take care.

  9. Burcu: Yeah, it is really hard to lose a beloved pet. :-((((

    Yep, just wait for the pics of our new apt. later he he he...I also can't wait!!! ;-D I'm gonna tell Ken that you're his fan later on when I visit him again he he he...HUGS back!!! ;-D

    Shan: Yeah...I lost a cat once and it was really sad. Well, maybe someday you'll have a sauna next to your house! ;-D

    Vince: Yup, we have to really throw out some stuff that we don't need. THANKS for the reminder! ;-D

    Bitter Chocolate: Yeah, I can't imagine how hard it is to lose Bella...she's SO adorable!!!

    Jeanne: Yeah, very busy he he he...

    Blur Ting: I can't believe he's that big already even though he's just 3 months old he he he...

    Jul: THANKSSS!!! You too, have a NICE weekend!

    The World According to Me: Yeah, I hope my friend isn't as sorrowful anymore.

    I wouldn't be surprised if baby Ken has rhythm in his toes since my bro's a talented musician he he he he...

  10. What a cute baby! So happy to hear that you are going to move to a new apartment!

  11. Wow a new flat AND a sauna? That's exciting.

    and your nephew is just so CUTE. :-))

    Oh... and please tell Michelle Arctic I'm so very sorry to hear about her cat. :-(

  12. Basha: THANKS for your lovely comment and your visit! ;-D

    Kathy: Yeaaahhhh...we're both so excited he he he...

    Michelle: Well, people in Finland are CRAZY about their sauna. Our small apt. here has its own small sauna for two people he he he he...

    I've sent your condolences to Michelle Arctic Rainbow!