Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Weekend Pics

As you all know, last Friday we stayed in the cabin while it was -15'C outside. MIL and FIL both asked us if we were serious, since it was that cold hi hi hi...Remember that the cabin only has an outside toilet, so if we want to pee, we have to go outside first. Oh yeah, almost forgot...the neighbour has cleared the way to the cabin from snow - so THANK YOU SO MUCH, neighbour!!!

That means we could go there with our car and we didn't have to go there on foot hi hi...when we arrived there, I realized that the way to the outside toilet was thick with snow, so in the end I had to (sorry) do my thing out in the open air. Well, the place is far away from the street and it was SO dark outside, so I was safe hi hi hi hi...The only problem was my cold butt HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Anyway, here are some pics I took:

1st pic: the fireplace where we could "roast" our sausages...yummy...

2nd pic: R2 roasting some sausages while I posed. Rock 'n Roll YEEEAAAHHHH!!!! ;-D

3rd pic: No comment HA HA HA HA HA...

4th pic: Saturday morning as we were going back to my MIL's place, he had to scrape out the layer of ice/snow from the car windows. If the temperature is low (below 0'C), he has to do this EVERY MORNING before we go to work.

5th pic: Look at the layer of snow in front of me. The way to the toilet is to the right side of this pic and there's as much snow. That was why I couldn't pee there hi hi...

And here are some pics around my MIL's and FIL's place.

This below pic is taken from behind their sauna, so it shows the path leading to the cabin and frozen lake.

This below pic is taken from the street in front of my MIL's and FIL's place since I had to get the newspaper from their mailbox right next to the street. So the house is quite a distance away from the street. And the cabin is at the end of the path.

Last pic: Behind me is MIL's "semi-underground" storage house or whatever you call it he he...



  2. Hahahaha :) Amel you're so funny i laughed a lot this post.!!!
    In winter in some villages of Turkey it happens the same to people.. Some village houses have their toilets outside and there's even no electricity in any of them. And when people try to pee, they can't because they're afraid that their pee's gonna freeze :)
    By the way, i wanna emphasize that you are a great couple as far as i see from photos and your smile reflects your happiness with R2!



  3. Great photo's and you 2 seem to be really happy and looked like you enjoyed yourselfs.

  4. Thanks for the email I will check out those sites.

  5. Such a good idea to have a cabin. It's like your own little holiday resort. It's so snowy, my kids would love it!

  6. What a fun post Amel.. and the snow.. Ah.. I want to experience it at least once lah!!

  7. Amel.. you've been tagged!



  8. Roasted sausages....mmmmmm yummy. I like that foto with the orange colour sky...so gorgeous

  9. omg....BEAUTIFUL views, Amel....

  10. wonderful photos as usual, Amel. :)

  11. Anonymous: I want peace too!

    Burcu: Glad I made U laugh! ;-D Ohhh...in the cabin there's also no electricity, but in Turkey in some villages there's no electricity still? That must be rough!!! Tell them that my pee didn't freeze even though it was -15'C HE HE HE...

    And THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words! We're still a young married couple. I SURE DO HOPE we can stay happy always. :-))))

    Dawn: Yep, it was a relaxing trip...plus it was free he he...UR VERY welcome about the sites! ;-D

    Jeanne: Glad you enjoyed 'em! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Yeah...the only bad thing is that the tax costs more than having your own house hi hi hi...

    LJ: I'm sure someday you will!!! A tag? OK let me see about it! ;-D

    Febriana: Yeah, I love that photo too he he he...

    Jul + Jenny: Glad you liked the photos! ;-D

  12. It looks like you had a lovely time.

    Love the sunset pictures.

  13. Nice to see the exterior of you inlaws place - Ive often wondered where they were. I forgot to tell you that Pascal bought that little house in the middle of nowhere.. hopefully we will visit soon and put it on our blog. I think the area is Vuojärvi..well past Luosto turn off.

    Love Michelle x

  14. Great post, I was reading down your blog and was impressed by these pictures.

    Saw your comment at Michelle's blog about self forgiveness. Profoundly wonderful !!

  15. The World According to Me: Glad you enjoyed the pics! ;-D

    Mrs Arctic Rainbow: CONGRATS on Pascal! ;-D

    Speedcat Hollydale: Hey, THANKS for writing a comment! And that self forgiveness thingie was something I read that I thought was SO good, so I MUST share it he he he...

    Glad you enjoyed my pics! ;-D