Thursday, January 29, 2009

The New Apartment

YAY!!!!! R2 managed to fix our internet problem. Phew!!! So today after work I dropped by at our new apartment. For some reason I couldn't open the sauna door. Darn! I really wanted to see it hi hi hi...but anyway here are some pics:

The buildiinngggg...X marks the window of the second bedroom, whereas Y marks the window of the main bedroom.

Going up the stairrsssss...

Here's what I see next he he he he...for some reason I couldn't open the sauna door, so I can't take a pic of it.

Here's the small hall to hang jackets. As you can see, here we use double doors. So there's that white door behind the outer brown door.

Here's the second bedroom right next to the hall. So next to the second bedroom is the sauna room outside.

Here's the main bedroom.

And here's the bedroom closet. You can see a part of the living room from this angle.

This walk-in closet is between the living room and the main bedroom, right across the front door.

Here's a pic of our living room and the balcony outside.

Another view of the living room plus the sliding door. :-D Dunno whose table and mirror those are, since we haven't moved anything yet. Weird!!! Tomorrow afternoon we'll start moving some boxes to this apartment.

Here's a view of the kitchen and you can see the shower box too at the end...the bathroom has two doors towards the kitchen and towards the hall.

OK, enough tour. Now I need to blog-hop he he he he he...


  1. How exciting!

    Thanks for the tour. It looks lovely and I wish you many happy times in your new home.

  2. wow...nice appartement amel... i bet that you can't wait for moving :)

  3. Ooh, the kitchen looks really nice! And I love that the windows are so big!

  4. your new place looks great . Hope you guys have a blast getting it to where you want it.

  5. Hey .. the place looks great! Quite spacious too! Show us more when you move in your stuff. I am sure you must be really excited!!

  6. Woah, it's very nice. I love how everything is white. It makes a good base for you to start decorating. I look at this blog everyday for ideas because the blog writer loves white and has such good taste. Hope you would find some inspiration too.

  7. You must be really excited to see the new apartment. It looks really spacious & clean. Cant wait to see more pic when you moved in the furnitures :)

  8. It looks lovely Amel. Is that a fridge in the kitchen? A built-in fridge??

  9. Hey Amel your new home is cool and cute! And white colour makes it look smarter...The thing i pay attention while seeking for a flat is the rooms should take daylight! I hate dark or darkened rooms (at least in daytime:)
    I hope you pass many many beautiful years with R2 in your sweet home!

  10. Wow Amel, that's a beautiful flat. It looks so new and clean and full of light. :-)

    I LOVE the kitchen and that walk in cupboard looks wonderful!

    The table and mirror may be left behind. The first flat we rented the last tenant left behind a wooden stool and this huge really ugly TV and books stand. Our landlord told us we could keep them or throw them out. We kept the stool, but the book case nearly fell apart when we tried to move it - no screws, nails or glue! :-o It was just clipped together. So Hubby took it apart and we did throw it out.

    Each place we've lived tenants or owners have left stuff they were throwing away. It's been kind of fun. We still have the stool and also collected a nice plastic garden chair, a grill pan and a tiny milk jug. :-))

    One question - there seems to be a post/letter slot in the door to the sauna. ??? Who gets mail delivered to a sauna?

  11. THANKS for all your support, people! Yeah, it's a nice and far more spacious place than our current one he he he...

    Michelle: each place you lived in the ex-tenants or owners always left some stuff behind? Interesting!!! :-D

    About the post/letter slot, I don't think it can be opened (not sure though as I didn't pay too much attention to it) he he's just to slide your name card in.

  12. I love your new place, Amel!! It's so spacious!