Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Coldest Day: - 31'C

Today is the coldest day I've ever experienced in Sodankylä. The temperature was -31'C when we went out to work and now it's very slightly warmer at -29.5'C. When walking home, I could feel my cheeks freezing SO FAST (they started to hurt after a while) and my eye lashes started to freeze too...and my legs started to feel the cold, too! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...

At -25'C with the outfit I wore today, it was cold but bearable...but when it becomes THIS cold, I think later on I should wear more layers, especially if I have to be outdoors for some time. I was thinking of visiting a flea market after work, but decided against it since I just wanted to be in my warm apartment he he he he...

One thing I realize that when it's -31'C outside and I've been walking outside, when I come inside the library or my apt., I don't really want to take off my anorak or shoes or gloves or woolen hat right away, since I still feel the cold seeping inside my body. Quite an experience, actually! I think I could almost see ice formed on the ends of my eye lashes, but I'm not so sure he he he..

By the way, yesterday one friend from our course came to the library to visit me. Turned out she wanted me to teach her English. She's Russian and she doesn't speak much English, so I have to use Finnish to teach her English. We'll start tomorrow evening. We'll see how it goes. She said that she'd bring the books with her, so I don't have to prepare anything he he he...We'll just use the books she has. Sounds good to me!!!

Okay, time to exercise before blog-hopping!!!

P.S. One work project is done and I've taken one pic of it (but I haven't uploaded it yet, so I'll show it to you later, OK?). Now I'm doing the second project. Still have NO clue what to do about the third project, but I'm in no hurry he he he...


  1. Oh. M. God. -31'C?!?!?! I'd die in that weather. Can't wait to see the pic of your project, and those English classes with your friend sound great, feels good to help others, doesn't it? :)

  2. it's the coldest day here too.
    We measure things by Fahrenheit rather than Celsius and the High temp. today is supposed to be -1 degree. It's supposed to be about -12 degrees low.

  3. Bitter Chocolate: Yep, it does feel good to help others he he...and you won't die in that temperature. Trust me! ;-D

    Vince: Ahhhhahhh...yeah, I've been reading blogs and it does seem that it's been cold in many places.

  4. OMG Amel, -31 C... Now here is around 5 C and i want that summer come soon :D

  5. My goodness! How many layers of clothes do you have to put on to ward off the cold?

  6. Jeanne: Ohhh...5'C will be considered SO WARM here!!!! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Let me see...I put on my long john pants (not woolen), then woolen shorts and leg warmers, then jeans (regular jeans). Then I have my tank top, regular T-shirt, and sweater. On top of those, I wear a knee-length anorak. :-)))) Plus now I wear two pairs of gloves.

    I notice that one of my colleagues wears ski pants (the water-proof and wind-proof pants) and boots plus two pairs of socks (one pair are woolen socks), but she takes off the ski pants and the boots and the woolen socks at work. She then changes into jeans and her "indoor" sandals. :-))))

  7. It's -12C in NYC today and I did not enjoy being outside briefly tonight, however it's positively balmy compared to -31C ;-) Stay warm Amel!!

  8. Your weather makes our 7 below zero seem almost warm! Thanks!! I bundle in layers even for that! I am a freeze baby!

  9. Waaaaauwwww.... dingin abesssss!!