Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some Realizations

My brain must've been fried or something ha's just been too empty to write too much in this blog. Anyway, I've come to some realizations lately.

1. Either at the end of 1998 or the beginning of 1999, R2 and I first got to know each other through emails. Let's just say that it's the beginning of 1999. That means that this month is our 10th anniversary!!! COOL!!! It doesn't feel THAT long, though, especially since we were so far apart for over 8 years out of the 10 years...but still I'm SO GLAD that we met online!!! ;-D

2. Both my MIL and my mother have the same habit: doodling while talking on the phone. Either they create an abstract drawing or some type of drawing or just writing something, that's what they do. It's kinda cute.

Why? Because my MIL reminds me A LOT of my Mom. They're both the same height (more or less) and they LOVE flowers. They both LOVE feeding and cooking for their family. And they're both dealing with husbands that have some memory problems.

3. The more I learn about people, the more confused I become, the more questions coming out of my mind. And I also realize how VERY LIMITED our points of view are. Plus I realize how easy for us to say A, B, C about other people whereas we may as well have those A, B, C inside us.

4. After all this time, balance in life is one of the TOUGHEST lessons to learn. Phew!!!


  1. wow that was the same year when i and my hubby for the first time each other send brief/email. IT was around end of year 1999 :D

  2. my mom doodles too whenever she's on the phone :D

    happy week ahead.

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  3. I liked this one a lot, because it tells me more about the people you love and it made me think.

    For #1 - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Yeah, Sandy and I met first time end of November 2001, but we only started talking by email on 2 January 2002. :-)

    For # 3 I was talking to someone about something like this recently. My frustration was that you can tell someone "I feel/am Abc" and they say "Oh, I get it, you're aBC" and they think they understand you perfectly, but don't realise the subtle (yet big) differences between ABc, abC, a-b-c and all the other variations!

    and... your mom and mom-in-law both sound lovely ladies. :-)

  4. PS

    Totally unrelated - I saw something last week and thought of you and your cold hands. It was a place advertising hand muffs. You can buy them or make them - knitted or sewn. They'd be a good way to give you an extra way to keep your hands warm.

  5. About #3: What a wise statement, and beautifully put. You are so right.

    And congrats to the anniversary!!!

  6. I am having trouble finding things to blog about right now. It so cold out , can't really get out and take pics or anything. long boring winter.

  7. Happy anniversary, Amel. I'm very happy for both of you.

  8. Hi again,

    Happy 10th anniversary :D!

    Your mom and MIL are both short? So cute :)!

    Girl, life & people are complex but all we need to do is just to sit back, relax, observe them and enjoy the ride ;)!
    We can think, but we don't need to be judgemental (I know this may not be easy, but it is doable)...

    A big hug to you, girl!


  9. Jeanne: You started writing emails in 1999 too? COOL! ;-D

    Liza: Your Mom does that too? That's cute! ;-D Happy week ahead as well!

    Michelle: THANKSSS and I know what you mean about number #3. I've also experienced that he he he...and yep, both my Mom and MIL are really grand ladies! ;-D I salute them! ;-D

    Hand muffs, eh? Yeah, I'm going to get some at a flea market later on! ;-D DEFINITELY A MUST he he he...

    Bitter Chocolate: THANK YOUUUUUU!!!! ;-D

    Coltfan: I know it's a long winter, but least we have a warm house! ;-D


    Max: Yep, we are three short ladies: me, my Mom and MIL. Actually, R2's brother's spouses are also short ladies HA HA HA HA HA...It's like a club or something HI HI HI HI HI...

    And THANKS for the reminder!!! Sometimes it's hard not to be judgmental when ideas just pop out in the head even when we don't want them to HE HE HE...