Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Projects

The other day the manager gave me new projects. Since apparently I did a satisfying job in making (read: copying) the letters for the adults' section shelves, she wanted me to do the letters for the kids' and teenagers' section (the kind of letters you put at the sides of the shelves so that readers know which books are put there, for example the letter A and B for the shelves that contain books written by authors with surnames beginning with A and B). So I have to make SO MANY letters now YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! From the adults' section, there were only a few letters missing, so I didn't have to make all of the letters.

I'm NOT really good at drawing or handicraft, but THANK GOD for the internet as it's helped me find funny letters for the kids' section and funky letters for the teenagers' section. All I need to do now is make them one step at a time.

She also asked me to think about how to decorate their music books and magazines section since it looked so plain that people never really visited that section. Hmmm...this one is TOUGH and I don't know yet what to do, but I have plenty of time to think about it.

So, tomorrow HOPEFULLY if the weather permits, we're going to spend a night at the cabin after work. Last night I was cranky since our plan was cancelled, so good hubby washed the dishes for me even though I didn't ask him and that put a smile on my face HI HI HI HI HI...No more crankiness!!! THANK YOU for being such a patient hubby, Honey!!! ;-D

At midnight last night, we watched fireworks together from our kitchen window...I don't feel anything about the new year, though...just like I didn't feel anything much on my birthday he he he he he...So, how did you spend your New Year's Eve, people?


  1. We just stayed in and watched tv. Sounds like you are enjoying your training.

  2. Hope you can enjoy your time at the cabin tomorrow. We also plan to go to the city tomorrow if the weather nice.

    My New Year's eve was try to sleep hi hi hi... Did you made shots of fireworks?????

  3. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed New Year!

  4. Hi Amel….

    Interesting…our local library has quite busy magazine and CD sections…along with the audio book section…however it seems as many people are using the internet at the library as all the other resources combined…great for people to use for blogging!!! I think I may try this in Hawaii…

    P.S….You do not have enough snow ;)

  5. Our new year's eve, waiting until midnight, and then seeing the fireworks show by chinese restaurant. Before...played small fireworks with Elissa hehehe :D

  6. It's great that you're enjoying your job! I haven't really realised it's 2009 yet, surely it will come in a matter of a few months LOL Hope this year will be fabulous for you! Oh, and my New Year's Eve? Was probably the weirdest one so far LOL

  7. if you have time, i just posted baby photos of hubby combine with jason...

  8. Hopefully you're in the cabin tonight having fun and romance?

    Happy New Year!

    Amel, can I pick your brain please? I need more money and I'm thinking of doing a book blog to earn a little extra cash. I hope you don't think I'm copying your movie blog, well I am kind of I suppose, but it's different subjects and you've given me ideas! (Still loving your movie blog and just had another read!)

    Did you create the blog and then send it somewhere for advertising and listing? How does it work? Thanks in advance for your help!

  9. We had early dinner with my family, then a late supper at the in-law's house. We rushed back to our home to avoid the firecrackers on the road. Happy New Year! :)

  10. Hi Amel,

    How is your time in cabin ^___^

    Oh...I hope you have time to Vote for me again ^_^ for the Annual Blognet Awards. Thanks

  11. We had a quiet evening at home too. We watched the fireworks from our window also, since our house is on a hill we can look at three different town nearby so we got to watch three sets of fireworks... with a little dashing about from window to window! ;-)

    I don't like New Year actually. No idea why, but the holiday always feels a bit depressing to me.

  12. Oh I forgot! When I worked at the library in South Africa we used to do a theme every month. The chief librarian would pick an idea like... Westerns or Horror or Romance and then we'd cut pictures out of magazines to make posters and put out books on that theme on a table by the entrance with the posters. It was fun. :-)

  13. Dawn: THANKS!!! Watching TV sounds good too! ;-D

    Jul: No, I didn't make shots of fireworks he he...


    LS: The CD section is also quite busy, just like the magazine and newspaper section. The only problem is that music books section. People don't go there...dunno why...

    Jeanne: NICE!!! We didn't want to go out 'coz it was cold ha ha...

    Bitter Chocolate: Yeah, I know what you mean. I also forgot that it is 2009 already and sometimes I still say "next year" when I actually mean THIS year ha ha ha...

    Jul: OK, Jul!

    The World According to Me: NOT AT ALL, I think it's a GREAT idea about the book blog, considering you DO read a lot! ;-D Let me just answer you in your blog he he...

    Jenny: Sounds nice!!! Yeah, firecrackers on the road should be avoided! Happy New Year to you too! ;-D

    Michelle: Ohhhh...SO LUCKY to be able to see THREE different sets of fireworks he he he...

    You don't like New Year? Well, for me New Year is just...New Year, but I remember one HORRIBLE New Year of all was after our wedding and we had to be separated for a few months. YARGH! NEVER wanted to experience that again!!!

    Ohhhh...that's an interesting idea about having a theme every month at the library! ;-D