Friday, January 09, 2009

Christmas Pics

Yeah, this is the LONG overdue post. Some Christmas pics for you:

On Christmas Eve at my in laws' place. Everybody is in the pic except me and my sis-in-law he he he...

Here we both of us are in the pic, too he he he...

The main foodddddd:

Got these Christmas ornaments and a candle plus candle holder as a gift he he he...

Here's the back of the library where I do my training. :-D If you want to see the inside of the library, click here: Sodankylä kirjasto.

In a while I'll be visiting my friend again HO HO HO HO HO...I'm going to enjoy a LONG chat with her, but maybe I need to drink coffee first ha ha ha ha...I'll blog-hop tomorrow evening and Sunday, OK? Take care and have a BLESSED weekend, everybody!!!


  1. Looks like your Christmas must have been a lot of fun :) I'm suprised there were so many of you, I'm used to having a very quiet Christmas Eve just with my parents, it's never occurred to me it could be this "big"

  2. Hi Amel
    That looked like loads of fun

  3. looks like you had great christmas at your in law :D

  4. Nice to see the pics of inside the library!

    Lovely tinsel too Amel.. maybe you could start a new trend in Sodankylän fashion! Let's be honest - some could do with jazzing up! :D Very Zsa Zsa Gabor - esque!

    Lovely and lush. My cats would LOVE it.. (to eat and attack it that is!) Blue was all the rage in the UK for Christmas lights and decoration - apparently this year and last.

  5. You did have a enjoyable christmas eve at ur in laws. nice pics. i remember my xmas way back, it was fun, too.

  6. Bitter Chocolate: So many of us? You should see my parents and the relatives when they have a family gathering, then you'll know that the amount of people in the pics is NOTHING compared to what I used to have back in Indo he he he...

    Frasy + Jeanne: Yup, it was fun! ;-D

    Michelle: HUA HA HA HA HA HA...Start a new trend? LOL LOL!!!

    Imelda: Well, it is different than Christmases in Indo he he he...

  7. Amel, you're so lucky that you could be with your loved ones. Looked like you had a lovely Xmas.

  8. I love seeing other people's Christmas photos/ :-) Your in-laws look nice. THe house is so different from houses here, or those in Africa. I love seeing things like that.

    What a pretty library. Funny enough it reminds me a bit of the library I worked in South Africa. I never had your language problem, but the library I worked in was bilingual (English Afrikaans) and my Afrikaans was poor. I hated answering the phones. Talking to real people I could get by with smiles, guessing, but on a phone... urgh! :-X

    I once had this really funny conversation with an Afrikaans guy on the phone. He'd called the wrong number, because the town council sent all calls to the library after hours. The council was closed - lunch time. I couldn't think of any Afrikaans word to explain lunch, food, eat, closed... it was stressful, but really hilarious as I tried to tell him to phone later.

  9. Febri: Yup, it was a rather noisy one too hi hi hi...

    Michelle: Yep, my in-laws are SO loveable he he he...I also love seeing different types of houses he he he...

    I KNOW EXACTLY what you mean by the phone talk. I also MUCH prefer talking face-to-face than talking on the phone, since when you're on the phone, you can't use body language and sometimes the line isn't too clear...uuugghhh...scarrryyy he he he...

    THANKS for sharing that story with that Afrikaans guy hi hi hi hi...I can totally relate to that. :-))))

  10. It's lovely to take a peek into your in-law's house. It's so nice and cosy, and all wood too! The wood is so pretty. Nice!

  11. Oh I do love looking at bloggers pictures! It looked like fun. Thanks for posting them.

  12. Hi again, gorgeous!

    I love the library where you work: it looks cosy!
    The chairs invite you to just sit and read, in peace!

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us: you looked great!! :D