Thursday, December 03, 2009

Everyday Spa in Bandung

When I visited Bandung again last month, I knew that my Mom wouldn't be able to accompany me too often, 'coz now she's in charge in taking care of Ken along with my brother's helper. Mom and I did have a spa experience together, though. We picked a day when my brother and his wife would be home so that Ken would have many people around him he he...

I booked the time and packages already and my brother took us there. The spa is called Everyday Spa located in Karangsari Street in Bandung. I consider the prices to be fairly cheap compared to three other spa experiences I had had beforehand (once in Bali, once in Singapore, once in Rhodes). 'Coz I had never tried any body scrub before, I picked this spa experience package: body massage + body scrub + face massage (120 minutes). The price was 199,000 rupiahs per person. So I paid 398,000 rupiahs for both of us (around 28-29 Euros).

I had never visited the place before, but my Mom had visited the place once to get the brochure and she said it looked nice. When we arrived there, we could choose the oil and also the scrub we wanted to use. Then our therapists came to welcome us.

We had to take off our sandals first and then dipped our feet into these huge "bowls" that they filled with warm water and salt. They washed our feet and then we were escorted to this room that consisted of 2 adjacent beds. The room was cosy enough and the area was quiet enough to make us feel as though we were somewhere else. There was light, soothing instrumental music that made us feel relaxed. After the preparation, our message therapists were ready to give us the massage.

Totally WONDERFUL!!! They massaged our bodies both from the back and the front - when we were lying down on our backs, they put some cover on our eyes and it made us feel even more relaxed and sleepy hi hi hi...Then after the massage was done, the massage therapists went out to prepare our scrub. They scrubbed our entire bodies and then gave us a very relaxing face massage. After that we went to the shower and we came out feeling like new women with smoother skin (and sleepy faces 'coz we both almost fell asleep) HA HA HA HA HA HA...Oh yeah, almost forgot...after we were done, we got a small cup of hot ginger tea he he...

So I TOTALLY recommend this spa if you ever want to enjoy the spa in Bandung. Granted the showers are pretty small, but all in all for that price, I find everything VERY satisfactory (everything was clean, the massage was great, the room was cosy).

However, if I only compare the massage (without considering the place or the price), my best spa experience would still be either the one in Bali or Singapore (even though the woman in Singapore asked R2 if he wanted "triple price").

I was pleased to see that Mom enjoyed it thoroughly 'coz it was her first spa experience. When I visit Bandung again, I'll make sure to go to the spa again with Mom HE HE HE HE HE...

P.S. I was going to write about Ken and put the link to my photobucket album so that you can see his videos, but I think photobucket is down 'coz I can't even log in.


  1. Looking at your post title, I thought you went to spa 'everyday'! Hahaha...

    Anyway, that was nice, spending quality time with your mom. :) I haven't been for body massage for such a long time already!

    If I convert the prices to our currency, the charges were more or less the same here, but the whole body scrub were interesting.

  2. Well I'm jealous lol. I have never had a spa experience ever. Sounds wonderful though.

  3. I have never had a spa experience as well :D

  4. It's nice to visit a spa especially while on a holiday!

  5. Crystal: LOL!!! Nah, it'd make me broke to go to a spa every day hi hi...And yeah, it was GREAT to go to a spa with Mom. :-D Ahhh...the charges are more or less the same as in your place? COOL!!!

    Michelle Dawn: Ahhhh...then I hope someday you get to enjoy some spa treatment! :-D

    Juliana: Well, maybe someday you can try! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Indeed! :-D Especially when everything is satisfactory. :-D

  6. i've massage one time at everyday 5 star spa at kl..the price so affordable and more cheaper compare in kl..but the servise is tip top..i want to try again for my coming visit to bandung next month...

  7. @Ruzilah: Yeah, I also want to go there again when I'm in Bandung later on. :-D It's really cheaper compared to other places, eh?