Friday, December 04, 2009

Indo Smell?

I'm so busy today that I don't have time to write a long post. One funny thing happened when I came back to Finland. While holding each other close, Arttu took a deep breath over my head and said, "You smell like Indo."

Huh??? What does that mean?

After I showered and washed my hair using my regular soap and shampoo in Finland, I asked him again if I still smelled like Indo.

He still said yes!

Strange...the days after I kept on asking him every day if I still smelled like Indo. I just wanted to know how long "the smell" lasted he he...I think on day 4 or 5 after I came back, finally he said, "Now you don't smell like Indo anymore."

I shared this with my close friends and some of them were wondering if it was smoke that he smelled. I asked R2 again if the smell was smoke, but he said no.

A close friend of mine has been living in Germany for around 4 years now and she told me something funny. She said that whenever she visited Indo again, for the first few days her family always said, "You smell like Germany."

She also said that after she came back from her trip to Singapore, she realized that all the things she brought from Singapore had a different smell than the things she had at home in Germany. Mind you that she's got a sensitive nose, just like R2. I guess that's why I haven't been able to distinguish any "different smells" that different countries may have.

I'm actually wondering if the smell R2 detected on me was due to the fact that I had been eating Asian dishes and spices for 4 straight weeks that my body odor was different due to that???

Has anyone ever experienced something like this before???


  1. Yup! When my mom, me and sis went back from Italy, my aunts said that we got that Italy smell. Most probably, it's just a matter of speech or they were joking, but I don't really know and R2 seemed serious when he said that (?) Yeah, maybe because of the food.

  2. Hmmm...I have never get experience like that :D

  3. CMG: Yeah, R2 was serious when he said that and my friend was also serious about her experiences with smell he he...

    Jul: So you're like me hi hi...

  4. I've never experienced anything like that myself but I know that in Singapore, the Indians have a particular smell due to the oil or incense that they burn.

    I suspect you smelled different because of the diet in Indonesia. I remember when my kids were small, their sweat smelled like fish after they had eaten fish.