Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Helsinki Trip

After browsing around for days on end, finally we booked the tickets and hotel room in Helsinki. Yeah, I've spent my days lately to browse online for different types of things and today I've also finished wrapping all the Christmas gifts (not that many, but some of them just arrived yesterday he he...).

So, back to the Helsinki trip: we're leaving on January 7th and we'll be back on January 9th. We did compare three different types of transportation: bus, train, and plane. We decided to go by plane 'coz going by train and bus takes a LONG time (10-15 hours one way) and the cost aren't that much of a different anyway (esp. if you calculate the time difference - going by plane only takes about 3 hours both ways).

I think I'm going to buy a one-day Helsinki Card so that we don't have to pay by cash whenever we get on a tram or bus or metro there. It is valid for 24 hours and usually when buying the card you get some interesting offers: like getting a discount to go to a museum or something like that. I just read the other day that we can buy the cards online and then when we arrive at the airport we can grab them from one of their representatives in the airport.

While browsing online, I really liked the fact that there's even this online Reittiopas (route guide) where I can just put "from" and "to" which addresses and what time I'll probably be going to that address from which address and when I click on the button, appears a few options on what types of transport (bus/tram/metro) I have to take to reach that address and how long the approximate time to get there. Pretty cool!!! So I know already which transports I have to take to get to the Indo Embassy from our hotel he he he...

So now I'm broke after paying for the plane tickets ha ha ha ha...today I created a few designs again at Zazzle. Here goes if you want to see them (I'm planning to create a new blog for me to post my Zazzle products 'coz I feel like I'm bombarding my readers in this diary blog of mine):

Sympathy Note Card with Bible Verse card
Sympathy Note Card with Bible Verse by ailema4ever
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  1. Oh...mau perpanjang paspoort yah, mel??

    Have a great trip and have FUN. Lovely products you made on Zazzle.

  2. Love all of your products and have a safe trip.

  3. I wish there were something like 'route guide' for the new places I want to visit because sometimes hubby and I have trouble planning our budget, what type of transportation and how long we gonna reach to a particular destination.

    Ah, more new products... Love the first postcard. :)

  4. Sounds like a nice trip, I'm a wee bit jealous :) I'm sure you'll have fun and it will be worth the money. At least you're able to blend practical stuff with pleasure, which is often close to impossible.

    I really like the Candlelight Card!

  5. Hey Amel,

    So you are going to travel? Good for you!! There is nothing better than travelling with your hubby :D!

    I love your cards: they are soooo cute!! You are really good at this: so you use your own photos, eh? Well done :D!

    Happy Festivities!

  6. Hey hey heyy!!!
    I am going to Germany , let's meet in the middle then ha? :)
    I am so happy for you Amel. You know, how you start the new year then it goes on like that. So you start new year by travelling which means you gonna travel all the time in 2010:) But as long as you have your hubby with you it shouldn't be a problem right?

    Have a great Christmas Amel!