Monday, December 21, 2009

3BT: Random Days

1. Lashing out my anger/frustration in a note in Facebook. Felt SO good ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

2. Laughing, peeing, and farting at the same time - making hubby laugh at the same time. Trust me when I say that the sound of your peeing and farting becomes SO funny when you do it while you're laughing your ass off HI HI HI HI...(Yeah, yeah, I know I'm gross)

3. Meeting a very friendly Finnish guy the other week that complimented my Finnish and wishing me to have a nice Christmas. THANK GOD for friendly people who're not against foreigners living in their country!

4. Taking these pictures:

The above pic is only to show how much snow there is in our building's parking lot (and those two windows with lights are ours).

P.S. That last pic isn't our house. Dunno whose house it was. I went near the river to take some shots and this was one of them he in front of the house is a frozen river.

5. Starting a joke with hubby (I started saying something silly, he continued, then I continued, and so on) and laughing together at our silly sentences.

6. Creating another product at Zazzle:

7. Grateful for hubby's effort in drinking another round of "poison" (read: Chinese fertility herbs that taste and smell yucky).

8. Hubby for making me feel funny, sexy, beautiful, listened to, and cared for despite myself, despite everything.

9. Being able to really scrimp while doing groceries for the past few weeks HO HO HO...ME LOVE IT!!!!

10. Asking hubby something and he gave me a very comforting answer. THANK YOU for being such an easy-going hubby that never pressures me to do anything I don't want to do.


  1. No.1 I also hate when people keeps asking us, when Jason will get a brother/sister. "Hellllooo" DOesn't people know how difficult to get pregnant and not only that.... Does your financial can support for 2 or 3 children??? Not only, kids need 100% attention from parents. Irritate question yeah...

    Btw, LOVELY shots, Amel.

  2. Beautiful ice candle image Amel.. and yep.. gross other things! ROFL....

    I had wanted to send you a real christmas card.. but whilst I know whereabouts you live now.. I don't know the actual postal address.. so it will have to be an ecard this year!

    Let me know by email please for future reference!

    Love Michelle x

  3. Hi Amel, I'm happy to return from my trip and see that you're having a great time baking cookies and having fun! Catch up with ya later.