Monday, December 07, 2009

Topsy Turvy

I'm rather pissed today 'coz in the morning I called Indonesian Embassy in Helsinki to ask them to send me a form that I need to renew my passport. A few months ago I called them to ask if I could send my application through snail mail 'coz I live far away from Helsinki and I was told that I could do so (considering my distance from them).

However, this morning I was told that the regulation had changed. So I MUST show myself to Helsinki to submit all the papers and photos and then I can leave everything there and they'd send me the new passport when it's done.

That means I have to spend AT LEAST 200 Euros only for the tickets - even bus and train tickets may cost that much both ways. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

I don't need to go there this month, though. However, we're planning to go abroad for a week next spring (perhaps in April), so I do need to sort it out at least in February, 'coz then I have to transfer my residence permit to my new passport (and I still don't know how long the transfer takes).

I'm thinking of spending a night in Helsinki, 'coz if I spend THAT much money only to submit all the papers and then back again, it'd be SUCH A WASTE, don't you think??? However, I don't want to stay there too long 'coz then it means I'm going to spend MUCH more money. Ugh...and I still have to save money for our trip in April.

Sorry for my rant. Anyway, I found this BEAUTIFUL article on infertility that I want to share here...Even if you've never experienced it, you may get more ideas on the feelings and thoughts of people who've dealt (or who're dealing) with infertility:


  1. Wow, 200 euros?!! That's a lot of money indeed. Yeah, you better stay for a night at least it's worth the money you're going to spend on the trip.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your pasport, Amel.

    Disini juga gitu, reseh :(( Makanya aku belum pulangin pasport Indo punyaku. Masa special pulangin pasport aja, harus ke Den haag. Udah perjalanan jauh, mana ongkos mahal lagi.