Friday, December 18, 2009

The Forgotten Videos

I took these videos last week and I had forgotten to upload them he he he enjoy Winter Wonderland in Lapland, Finland...

The first one is the video of the area across the street from my in-laws' house in Kelujärvi, Finland.

This second one is the video of the frozen lake area in front of in-laws' cabin - you can see the cabin at the end of the clip.

This third video was taken a few weeks ago. My BIL was doing some hard work with a tractor, trying to clean up the snow from the path towards the frozen lake 'coz he wanted to spend a night at the cabin he he he...

Hope you enjoy the video clips!!! Time to do some baking experiment he he he...


  1. Snow is beautiful. It's cool, hah hah :D

    We have snow here in the south now, too! Great.

  2. Snow in the country is so much cleaner and prettier to look at than in the city. What a very peaceful setting. I am sure you always have an enjoyable time when you visit there.

  3. I saw all 3 clips and it reminds me of Ithaca, my hometown, with the forest and the snowy roads. On the 3rd video, the attachment on the back of your BIL's tractor is the same attachment that my brothers have on their farm!

    I haven't been doing much blog-hopping recently b/c I"ve been soooo busy at the law firm. I hope you enjoy the Christmas Season. Hopefully, I'll be able to blog hop in the coming days.

  4. The first two videos are just dreamy! Though I'd probably find it less dreamy if I was to film them out there in the freezing temperatures :D

  5. I love the snow it is gorgeous. They are freaking out in the UK over a teensy flurry of snow at the moment. They don't deal with it very well over here :-)

  6. Rita: Yeah, it's GREAT that the south also has snow! ;-D

    Bogey: Indeed! ;-D I do enjoy my time whenever we visit my in-laws on Saturdays! Can't wait to spend Christmas eve with them!

    ChicagoWing: Hi, Vince! No worries...I know people are busy when it's near the end of the year he he he...It's nice to know that the back of the tractor is the same as what your brothers have. Actually it's my FIL's tractor, but the driver was BIL he he...

    Bitter Chocolate: HA HA HA...I deliberately braved the cold for my beloved blog readers hi hi...*exaggerating mode* Nah, it's also for my own satisfaction hi hi...

    Fish: HE HE HE HE HE HE...Whenever I FEEL like I want to complain about snow, I just think of ALL my Indo friends who have NEVER seen or touched real snow their whole lives, who are DYING to be able to do so. Then I feel totally happy again with snow. ;-D