Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Day(s) The Key Was Forgotten

Before I begin telling you about the key, I just wanted to share something cool that I just saw online. It's a camera extender called Xshot! It's a gadget that's lightweight (and of course extendable) so that we don't need to ask a stranger to take pics of us. Pretty cool, eh? Maybe I should ask hubby to give it to me for my next birthday (it costs only $29,95 for a regular compact digicam extender - there are several types of Xshot in the site) ha ha ha...

Anyway, I forgot to tell you the other day when I forgot my apartment key when I went outside. First of all, in the morning I went to the supermarket to buy some groceries, then I stayed home for a while and in the afternoon (at around 3 pm) I went out again, BUT this time I wore a different jacket 'coz I felt too hot when I got out the first time. When I left the apartment the second time, just as I was closing the door, I remembered that I had left my apartment/bike keys inside the pocket of the other jacket. Darn!!!

Good thing I didn't leave my mobile inside ha ha I did go and buy some stuff that I needed in a store, then at around 3.45 pm I called R2 to ask when he would be coming home (usually he comes home at around 4 pm, but sometimes he does overtime). I told him what had happened and I said I'd wait for him to finish work in a flea market (the flea market was right next to R2's office). Both buildings are actually located near our apartment (thanks to our apartment's location that's smack dab downtown) - around 1-2 minute walk away.

So I browsed around the flea market and then at 4 pm R2 called me to say that he was ready to go home he he...Then he told me that while I was in Indo, he had also forgotten his keys TWICE HA HA HA HA HA HA...I asked him why he hadn't told me about this when we chatted while I was in Indo, but he just smiled. Then I said, "I bet your conscious mind must've put away those experiences at the farthest corner of your brain."

Then I asked him how he could get inside 'coz I was still in Indo. He said that he had gone to the office of the company who owns the building he he he...Fortunately the office was located right on the first floor of the building, so he didn't have to go faraway to get the key.

Ahhhh...where did our brains go? HI HI HI HI HI...Anyway, Christmas is coming soon and the end of the year is near...I wish everybody has had a beautiful weekend! Tomorrow and on Monday there's this Christmas market downtown, so maybe I'm gonna have a look at it and take some pics.


  1. You poor girl. You're lucky you weren't stuck out in the cold for too long. I'm lucky. I can't forget my keys if I wanted to because my door won't lock unless I lock it with my keys. Probably better that way for me. Oh well. It all worked out for you in the end.

  2. oh should hang it around your neck like I did..hahaha..I'm a scatterbrain, and thus need important stuff hung around my neck..haha..My mom said it's a good thing I can't lose Hans otherwise.. =P
    Anwyays, I hope it won't ever happen again. Have a wonderful Christmas, Mel.