Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3BT: Random Days

1. Getting a Top Banana award from Cliff. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!

"3BT" Top Banana. This goes to Amelia. 3BT is a list of gratitudes that Amelia periodically posts.

2. Writing this Words of Affirmation in my latest blog (a blog where I can babble non-stop about my being reproductively challenged - I decided to create a new blog so that I can channel all my babblings about infertility in that blog).

3. Having made a decision together not to do any more tests or pursue any kinds of  medical treatments or ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) has made me feel GLAD and our sex life has turned into what it was supposed to be: fun and playful!!! YIIIHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

4. Having closest friends who are willing to listen and support me in my infertility journey even though sometimes I may take their words the wrong way or take their words too seriously. THANK YOU, girls!

5. Reading plenty of articles on dealing with infertility has helped me regain my perspective.

6. Sleeping long he he he...What can I say? I'm a sleepyhead and a good sleep is good not only for the body, but also for the soul. ;-D

7. Making hubby giggle and laugh until he had tears in his eyes (enough tears that I could wipe!) even when I didn't plan to do it. What a BLESSING to be able to make someone laugh like that he he he...(Unfortunately I can't tell you what I did 'coz it would be too gross to tell here hi hi hi...Yeah, yeah, I LOVE making people curious LOL!!!)

8. Knowing that despite the storms of life, I'll be all right (even though I don't know how).

9. Crying out all the pent-up feelings without feeling like I have to hold my tears. It feels SO GOOD to be able to express myself like this and just "be done with it".

10. Playing Wii Fit Plus with hubby and laughing together and sometimes mocking each other playfully when one of us passes the other one's rank he he he...


  1. Congrats for your award and new blog.

    Wonderful BT you have in ur life :D

  2. You are very deserving of the award, as I really enjoy your outlook on life.

    It's my hope that the award can send new readers your way.

  3. Jul: THANKS!!! I need that new blog to preserve my sanity hi hi hi...

    74WIXYgrad: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words and effort to help me get new readers, Cliff. :-)))

  4. I love your "3BT" feature in this blog. It's ALWAYS fun to read. I wish you the very best in your fertility problems. We have to really hope with all the advances they make, that some of the problems we experience in life will be a "thing of the past" with the advance of science.