Friday, December 04, 2009

3BT: Highlights of the Past Month

1. Feeling like honeymoon again when coming back from my Indo trip. WHOOOPEEEEE!!!!!

2. MIL hugging me TIGHTLY and saying that she had missed me! :-D I had missed her too!

3. Being kissed by Ken on the cheek (without asking him to do so!).

4. Spending time with my family and friends in Bandung.

5. Going to the spa, going shopping a few times, and watching a movie with my Mom despite her current busy life as Ken's caretaker.

6. Being able to chat using a webcam with hubby during my Indo trip. THANK GOD for a faster internet connection in Indo, too!!!

7. All the glorious food and drinks that I could eat during my Indo trip - and I didn't have diarrhoea or any other health problems AT ALL during my trip.

8. Being able to meet about 17 of my ex-elementary school friends in a small gathering. It was FUN!!!

9. Getting enough sun and rain in Indo and when I got back to Finland, I got enough snow! :-D Couldn't have asked for more! ;-D

10. My priest asked me to come forward on the last Sunday I went to church in Bandung to pray for me and R2. He also prayed for our wish to have kids.

11. Hearing a story about my parents and knowing that God's angels had protected them from harm (I'll write about this later).

12. Playing with Ken and making him giggle so much! ;-D

13. Finding a strand of white hair - I've lived long enough to experience having at least one HUE HE HE HE HE...

14. Watching hubby's and MIL's expressions when they tried preserved seedless plum I bought in Hong Kong airport hi hi hi...SO FUNNY!!!

15. Being at home, being able to cook and experiment on cooking, being able to sleep on my own bed.

16. Christmas lights are up in our apartment - we don't have a Christmas tree, but we have some Christmas lights (not shown in the below pic, but just wanna show you how much snow we have now).

17. Finding some Christmas gifts for my loved ones today (and also I bought one for me HA HA HA...)


  1. It sounds like you have a lot to be grateful for and are blessed to have so much. The snow is delightful and we had a bit of a dusting overnight. It was great that you had the opportunity to visit your family.

  2. You must be miss Ken so much yeah...

    Wow..lots of snow :D

  3. You sure do have lots of wonderful things happening around you. :) So, you also bought a gift for yourself? Hehe...

    When it was my MIL's b'day on last Oct, hubby and I were looking for a blouse to give her, but I saw a purple blouse that I thought look nice and I ended up buying one for myself, too! Hahaha...