Thursday, July 01, 2010

Strange But True

1. Again it happened and I still can't believe it. For two nights when we're apart (hubby's having some kind of computer training in Helsinki), both of us can't sleep well at's frustrating when you have to get up early to work in the morning and you have to concentrate and focus 'coz you're working in an environment when everybody speaks Finnish. If I don't get enough rest, my brain would work VERY slowly and I'd get in trouble. Luckily today I didn't have to be the cashier. Phew!!! Today I helped arrange many things on the display shelves.

I sweat after doing that for 5 hours and got REALLY REALLY hungry he he he...

2. On Tuesday before I go to work (I had an evening shift that day), a little girl (probably around 5 years old) dropped by our place and rang the bell. I opened the door, astonished. Without missing a beat, she asked (in Finnish of course), "Are there any kids in the house?" (obviously she asked that 'coz the ex-home owners haven't taken away their daughter's play cabin and swing set from our garden)

I said, "Unfortunately no."

She asked again, "Are there any kids coming to the house sometimes?"

I said no again.

She then asked, "Do you live alone?"

I said no again and told her that hubby was at work, then out of curiosity, I asked, "Where do you live?" just as she was starting to leave the front door.

You know what she said? She said, "Why do you ask?"

Oh dear!!! She had asked me all those questions and I wasn't allowed to ask her just that question? LOL LOL!!! I was just wondering where she came from, 'coz she obviously walked across our garden from another garden, but I wasn't sure 'coz I didn't follow her as I had to prepare myself to go to work in a few minutes.

P.S. The girl's face looks familiar for some reason...dunno where I've seen her. Maybe in the daycare or some other place, but she was definitely not one of the kids in my class when I was helping out in the daycare.

3. Today at work came an old man and an old woman (not sure if they were husband and wife or not). They then started yelling at each other: the man started it, actually. The old woman had a walking stick and all her hair was white. The man yelled, "Come on, woman, are you going to buy EVERYTHING? The car is waiting outside with the driver. Hurry up and get it done!"

The woman was obviously upset, 'coz she yelled back, "Stop yelling at me! What are you talking about?"

And it kept on going and going and going for at least one minute...I noticed that all the other customers had their heads turned to the couple 'coz those two were just too loud.

Ridiculous! I mean, if he had wanted her to do her shopping fast, why didn't he offer to help her pick the things she needed so that they could get it done, right? After all, as far as I could see, the man didn't have any walking stick and he could walk faster than her. I shook my head in disbelief and just sighed. What a mess!!!

P.P.S. Got a compliment about my Finnish yesterday by one customer. :-D I'm REALLY THANKFUL for everybody who expresses encouraging words towards me, 'coz that really helps me know whether I'm doing the right thing or not (I mean in terms of learning Finnish).

And today I managed to help an old guy find something, although I couldn't help him find another thing that I didn't even know (I had to ask my colleague to help him find that 'coz I didn't really understand what he wanted - there goes to show I still have a LONG way to go with my Finnish, but at least there are always my coworkers to ask for help HA HA HA HA...).


  1. Hi Amel,

    LOL the lady that asked you all those questions is weird indeed LOL *nodding*.

    Congrats on your Finnish: I knew you would get there :D.

    Believe it or not, there are many couples like the one you described here: some men have no patience for shopping and then start yelling at their wives *nodding*.

    Big hug, darling!

  2. The little girl! hahahaha girls! =P Sad about the older couple though. Praying that none of us would grow to be like that.

    Well done on your Finnish!!! Yippeee!!! Way to go, Mel!

  3. Never stop learn your Finnish, Amel. I am sure that your FInnish is better than my Dutch :D Now, Jason can correct my Dutch if I said wrong hihihihi... Oh boy... that's not good :D I have to learn more...

    THanks for ur compliment of my post today. I am still sick :(( but yeah I can not let Jason just stay at home when it is vacation school for him. Oh yeah... panas tidak di sana. Aduh...disini panas bener y.

  4. The little girl was weird, though. :o
    Glad to hear that you did well at work. :)
    As for your Finnish, hey..don't doubt your skill, man. ;) It's already very good and no rush for improving it, anyway, becoz it will surely improve. :)

  5. THANK YOU for all your support, people!!!