Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Smile A Day: Interactive Time #2!

Today I just want to think about the most touching compliments we've ever received in our lifetime. It can be anything. Just something that makes us feel good and something that makes us feel that we have done something right every now and then (hopefully more often than that he he).

Well, I'd love to start today with those thoughts in here's my list:

1. When I was told that I had made someone become a better man.
2. When I was told that I brought luck into someone's life.
3. When my Mom said that she was proud of my cooking "expertise" now. (I'm no expert yet, I'm telling you, but it meant A LOT to receive those words just due to the fact that my Mom's a HELL of a cook who encouraged me to keep on enjoying my cooking experiments!!!)
4. When I was told that I made someone believe in dreams and made that person believe that he/she could reach them.
5. When I was told that my emails made someone could not help but to reply me ASAP.
6. When I was told that I looked pretty and sexy (from the look of his eyes) even though I just woke up and I hadn't brushed my teeth.
7. When I was told that I was the link that connected some people with one another.

I guess that's all I can remember so far. Now I'm hungry so it's time for me to eat!!! So, what are the most remembered or most touching compliments you've received in your life?


  1. 1. A friend told me I was her "breeze". That I refreshed her, made her feel better. That's still my favourite top compliment.

    2. When I worked for a newspaper giving advice a girl asked me about career choices. Two years later I recieved a thank you letter from her. She's chosen a subject I'd suggested and was loving her new studies. That was such an increible compliment. I remember that whenever I feel bad about myself.

    3. Coming downstairs to go to a wedding wearing an ugly dress that made me feel FAT and having my husband gasp and say "OHHHH.. you are so beautiful!" :-)))

    4. Having another friend tell me she admired me for how strong I was when she was the friend I had always admired/envied for being so "together" and strong.

    :-) those are my best.

  2. Nice ones!!! :-))))

    THX for sharing your soul again here. ^____________________^ The world is really made up of tiny, magical moments, isn't it???? Ahhh...reading your list makes me happy too he he he...