Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Around 1,5 months ago we came by to Arttu's parents' place in Kelujärvi. Another sunny day again. When we were driving home from their place at around 6.30 pm, the view was breathtaking! His parents live in a village, so there're vast stretches of fields everywhere (currently still covered with snow), so during the drive home, whenever we were passing the aforementioned fields, I felt as though I was blanketed by a limitless sky. Well, after living in a big city all my life (huddled by loads and loads of high buildings) and now living in a village (or small town), the world suddenly gets SO MUCH wider, bigger, unobstructed.

Anyway, here are some beautiful pics of twilight I took with Arttu's mobile camera yesterday. Too bad I didn't bring my digicam but I'll make sure I'll take it with me next time. Just click on the pics to see the original version. These pics don't even come close to representing the real beauty of nature, but I just wanna share it with you.

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