Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Interactive Time!

Let's make this post a bit more interactive, shall we? I hope people wouldn't mind submitting their thoughts, anyway. :-)))

Moving to a VERY different country certainly has its ups and downs. I think in life sometimes we learn something for the first time, but sometimes we re-learn things in a deeper way or in a different way.

These are the things I've been learning or re-learning in a deeper way so far (after having lived here for 2,5 months):
1. To TRULY accept my weaknesses, mistakes, and failures.
2. To laugh at myself, my mistakes, and my "stupidity" (yeah, I realize it's easier to laugh at somebody else's mistakes and folly - not a good trait to admit).
3. To accept myself as is (again), not learning to accept myself after I've accomplished this or that.
4. To cook and bake (sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed).
5. To be good to myself (not beating myself up too much or not cursing myself too much; giving myself some slack) so that I can move on and start to improve myself.
6. To enjoy the simple joys in life. For example, something AWESOME happened last night. I think Midnight Sun's already here in Sodankylä. As my hubby and I were about to sleep at around midnight, I heard the birds chirping happily. Yes, at midnight, can you believe it?!?!?! It was SO lovely and amazing. Birds chirping at midnight as it was still bright out there. WOW!!!
7. To dare make mistakes, especially when it comes to practising Finnish. I've always been someone who's afraid at making mistakes (for fear of being laughed at), so now I'm beginning to let go of my perfectionism.
8. To stop having assumptions about anything as best as I can.

I guess that's all for now. The things I can remember. What about you? What have you learnt or re-learnt this past week, month, few months, year? Anything particular that you want to share with me? Feel free to express yourself. :-)))


  1. I like this idea, but you have made me think hard all morning!

    ok.. Moving to Scotland I learnt..

    1. I actually like Haggis! This was a shock. I like Scottish food, but it is fattening. Lots of creamy, rich things.

    2. I try too hard to please people. My first two years here I tried to fit in and please all my new in-laws. I have nice in-laws, but you truly cannot please everyone all the time. I learnt that slowly. Im thick at times!

    3. I've learnt it is better to dress in many layers. In winter outside is freezing, but shops and houses are heated and HOT. If you wear big heavy thick things you melt and die indoors. So wear lots of layers you can take off, or put on, depending if you are inside or outside.

    4. "cheers" means thank you and not goodbye. :-D

    5. I have learnt that every month here has magic.. if you look closely. Unlike Africa where the seasons don't change much here things CHANGE. Every month there is something exciting, even January has snow. Oh I love snow and frost! Frost is amazing. It sparkles like diamonds.

    6. I have learnt to ask for help. I didn't at first.. not good! I wanted to be in control, perfect. Perfect is over-rated. :-P

    7. I have learnt wonderful Scottish words I never knew before. I now say "Aye" instead of "yes" and I finally am beginning to understand the different accents.

    8. I learnt that God always takes care of me, but better and faster when I stop pushing him and trust more. TRUST - big lesson!

    9. I've learnt that friendship can come in people you least expect. My closest friend here in Scotland is Margaret - she is 87 years yoing. :-)

    10. I've learnt that although I thought I loved my husband completely when I married him.. I now love him more. Different, deeper, better. Brought about through sharing good things as well as bad.

    Thanks Amel, I enjoyed that. :-)

  2. Glad you like it and THX a lot for having set aside some time to think. You taught me new stuff with this list. Actually I had to look up Haggis from the internet ha ha ha...so it's THAT, eh?

    Well, people in Indo also eat intestines (cow's) but we don't eat the lungs. :-)))

    Funny thing is that some of the personality test results told me that I tried too hard to please people, too, even though I don't feel that way ha ha...but yeah, we can't please people all the time.

    Dress in many layers, eh? GOOD advise for me. :-)))) I'm still confused about what to wear here. :-))))

    And yeah, TRUST is indeed difficult to learn.

    THX to you, too, Michelle, I ENJOY reading this list. :-))))