Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Brain Test Result

Found this old brain test file in my computer, so I decided to do it again just for fun. This is the result:

Left hemisphere 50% Right hemisphere 50% Auditory 35,3% Visual 64,7%

Amel, you exhibit balance hemisphere dominance and a strong visual preference. It is the intensity of your sensory preference which may more determine your learning style.

The balance of left- and right-hemisphere usage is very helpful to a highly visual learner. You absorb your environment, selecting out details and simultaneously embedding them in a context, an overall perspective which adds nuances of meaning. Given the prodigious rate that you input info, you naturally utilize the services of both hemisphere more or less equally.

You are active and searching, which produces energy. Because you can process multiple inputs comfortably, you do not experience the indecision of a person with mixed sensory preference. You are able to focus on more than one aspect of a situation and push for resolution.

You can tolerate ambiguity, which is good, since you will experience a lot of it due to your input style. While a part of you will always seek completion, the other part will accept the process as it is. You may occasionally get impatient with yourself. You will always be able to work through problems in a logical sequence or given order, but you will have other options available to you as well.

You may find that you have insufficient time to reflect on your experiences and thus lose a sense of meaning, not appreciating your "inner being" as much as you might otherwise.

Many people would envy your combination of characteristics. Constantly seeking stimulation, you are artistic without needing to be "odd", an active learner and yet reasonably logical and disciplined.

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Wanna try? Just visit this site: Brain Test.exe.

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