Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Midnight "Me Time"

Darn coffee kept me awake again (my bad he he...) so let me just spend some time here before I try to go back to sleep again. Sometimes I'm tempted to drink coffee even when I know I shouldn't. It'd be okay if I drink coffee in the morning, but if I drink even only a cup of coffee in the evening, then this is what happens.

Oh well...there are a couple of things that I wanna write down. Just random thoughts, actually.

1. I LOVE the feeling of being SWALLOWED UP by the sky here in Finland. I never felt that way back in Bandung, as I lived with my parents in a small alley where houses' walls stuck together so if there were a fire, then it'd be VERY dangerous. There are no buildings higher than 3 stories in Sodankylä, especially around Kelujärvi (where my in-laws live). There are lots of vast stretches of land there and whenever we drive to and from Kelujärvi, I can see the sky enveloping us and the world really seems unbelievably HUGE.

2. I LOVE sitting on Arttu's lap. If you ever see us like that (probably never as I won't feel comfy showing off affection in front of other people), you'd think of a father and a daughter ha ha...Why? Because I'm only 145 cm, whereas Arttu's 177 cm. Another reason why I love sitting on his lap is because his body is SO MUCH warmer than mine, so if I feel a bit cool or cold, he's like my personal "blanket" he he...

3. A while ago my friends and I were talking about God's ways in our lives. I think that life is mostly like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book. You know, the kind of book where you get to choose what to do next in some parts (like forks in the paths of our lives), so there are several endings depending on what you choose. I think in most cases, God gives us the freedom to choose, whereas in some cases everything depends on Him.

4. I think I'm luckily enjoying my Mum's "karma". She's a GREAT cook and she loves feeding people (if you ever come to our house in Indo, Mum'll DEFINITELY give you some food). She sells food in the traditional market in Bandung and if there are leftovers, she'd give them away to relatives and neighbours. And now my mother-in-law LOVES giving us food every time we visit them on Saturdays. Well, the good thing about it is that it drives me to experiment on cooking and baking so that I can at least bring something for her to try. :-)))

5. It's GOOD to have dreams and goals in life to boost us, but sometimes having too many wishes (in an obsessive way) can be the source of your sorrow, as well, if you don't seem to get nearer to getting them. Especially if you see people around you and they've actually gotten what you wish for "seemingly" effortlessly.

Okay, enough for tonight. I'll continue again later. :-))) Sweet dreams, everybody!

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