Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Again I just want to share some pictures of Sodankylä on the pics to see a bigger size.

Picture of the blinding sun. When it's sunny I have to wear sunglasses. I brought a pair of sunglasses from Indo, yet they weren't good enough. I had to buy another pair here in Finland with polarized lenses as I may get temporarily dizzy whenever the sun is too bright.

This is a picture of us inside Sodankylä's library. :-)))

This is a picture of Sodankylä's museum. Actually I haven't entered that place yet. Well, maybe someday he he...

A picture of downtown Sodankyla. Some stores there...

Another picture of downtown Sodankyla.

A picture of Lidl, the most frequently visited supermarket since we live pretty near this one. :-))))

I was walking outside on a sunny day...nice blue sky...

Oh, this is the Bear Inn. It's also near our place.

Just a picture of some trees with sky background near our apartment building's parking lot he he...

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