Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bad Weather

Ahhhh...such bad weather today! Gladly I went shopping yesterday already. I've just realized how crucial it is to check the weather prediction in a 4-season country. Back in Indo, the worst thing that could happen was raining cats and dogs and thunders. Well, I know that there have been natural disasters there, as well, but still over here the temperature can drop pretty quickly and if I'm not prepared for it, then it's doom (especially since I'm not used to the cold weather yet). If you wanna check the weather prediction in Lapland, just visit "Everything About Lapland" link at the bottom of my blog. There's daily weather prediction there.

Anyhow, I shudder at the thought of the worst temperature next winter. Yeah, yeah, I'm crazy for thinking ahead. That's one of my Achilles' heels (and one of my strengths, too). I just feel unprepared for it. I don't have long johns that would be warm enough for it. A friend of mine (a British lady) who's been living in Sodankylä for 3 years said that the worst temperature they had ever experienced was -38'C. Yikes!!! I guess I better buy a few VERY WARM long johns later on. I can't help thinking that all the residents of Lapland must be Polar Bears he he he...*grin*

Apart from the fact that Sodankylä's a small town, whereas Bandung is a big city, I've enjoyed my time here. There are two flea markets here that are open like regular stores here, Löytötori and Kirpputori. I've been to both and I found some cheap used shirts (YIIIPPPIIIEEE!!!). I didn't bring too many clothes from Indo as I could only bring 27 kilos of my belongings. There's also now another flea market somewhere downtown that's only open for a certain period of time. I've also been there a few times (my mother-in-law suggested that I visited it more than once as the stuff sold there kept on changing, she said) and I found T-shirts and a summer jacket on a VERY reasonable price. ^____________________________^

So, even though there are no malls here, whereas there are PLENTY of malls and factory outlets in Bandung, Sodankylä's allright. What I enjoy most here is the serenity and peace and nature. Lots of trees and birds, especially now in spring. I can hear birds chirping whenever I go downtown. And there's NO traffic AT ALL! No jaywalkers.

Oh yeah, by the way...about a month ago I found something that reminded me of me and my friends. A Katana! It was the first and only Katana I ever saw here. The Katana was parked on Lidl's parking lot. Back when I was at uni, two of my closest friends owned a Katana, and we used to drive around the city in their cars, so it brought back SO MANY wonderful memories of my past. Ahhh...the good old days, when we had nothing to worry about except exams and exams and exams he he...

Speaking of the weather again, sometimes I don't feel like summer's ever going to come here. I know that the temperature can be above 20'C later on and even reach 30'C for a day or two, but looking at the weather this past week makes me wonder. It seems unlikely as even spring comes so late in this town. Oh well...one thing I miss is wearing only jeans and T-shirt or tank top without having to put on layers of clothes he he he...but I ain't complaining. I'm living my dream now, living in Europe. ^______________________________^

Okay, that's all for now. I better start studying Finnish again. I'll write more later. Ciao!!!

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