Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ever Heard of Kindle?

Ever heard of Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device? Below is the picture of the device.

I used to think to myself when e-books appeared, "Ah, they're impractical since if you're going somewhere else and you don't have a laptop, you can't read them. I'd rather read real books instead." But now there's this type of portable reading device that's actually pretty cool.

It's true that having my own library is something I aspire, but then again in the far future maybe many more people prefer to use this kind of device to download blogs, newspapers, books, and magazines wirelessly. People can also download book samples freely before paying the total price of the books. I think it's a win-win situation, since who would want to pay for something they're probably not interested in, right?

What else can people do with this device? Well, you can also type and edit your own annotation and bookmark pages with the keyboard. Moreover, you've got free access to Wikipedia and it has a built-in English dictionary. Cool!!! ;-D

The only problem for me is the price ha ha ha ha...Well, who knows maybe someone wants to buy me one? *wink*

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