Sunday, May 18, 2008

Photo Caption Contest

Since lots of other bloggers have created contests, I thought I'd join in the fun, too!!! I'd thought about it for a while and decided on a Photo Caption Contest.

After browsing for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG time, this is the picture I've selected for this contest.

This contest is open to all bloggers from the time this post is published. Closing date: Saturday, May 31st, 2008. I'll select and post the winners on Sunday, June 1st (Finnish time).

I'll choose 3 winners, each of whom will get these cash prizes via Paypal only:

1st winner - USD 10
2nd winner - USD 6
3rd winner - USD 4


1. Post about this contest in your blog and write down the wittiest and funniest caption ever for the above picture.

2. Once you've posted about this contest in your blog, you can leave a message in the comment section of this post along with the URL of your post.

3. Each blogger can enter more than one submission in different blogs as long as the captions are different.

Okay, now let the game begiiinnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! *GRIN*

Valid entries so far:

1. Lily Ruth:
"Who's been in the Catnip?" Not Me!!!
2. Trinity: I've said that it is an elephant's tail, why you keep on treating it like a mouse! Huahahaha
3. Jeanne: I said already that the lasagne tasted disgusting. You don't believe me. Who are you, do you think ? A Garfield?
4. Choc Mint Girl: What he thinks he's doing?! So embarrassing!! I wish he had a brown fur!

Unvalid entries since I haven't received the URLs, but still they're fun to read:

1. Jay Cam: Mom, he's touching me again!
2. Shakerbaby: DANG! You know that new cat food makes me constipated!
3. Grammy: What's wrong.. Cat got your tongue *lol*


  1. kok bisa sih dapet foto yang lucu begini

  2. Rini: Aku dapet dari Coba aja ke sono, banyak juga foto2 animals dll. Aku juga tadi browse2 "funny animal pics" lewat Google he he he...;-D

  3. Hi Amel.. this is interesting.. I see what I can come up with ya ;).. thanks :)

  4. Oke Amel, I will think about it first ^__^. I have to find imagination hi hi hi hi....

  5. "Who's been in the Catnip?" Not Me!!! This is my caption for this photo and I do hope I win. THis is a great idea for a contest..

  6. I have posted the post on my blog at and I already left the caption I made in the last comment I left here. So I hope I have done everything right. thanks for the chance to enter.

  7. okie dokey smokey... will think the funniest as I can get.. kekeke

  8. Mel, here is my entry... hope you like it.

  9. Oh, that picture is so funny. I gotta think of something brilliant to do enough justice to the cats!

  10. LJ: Yes, do join in the fun, OK? ;-D It'll be more fun when there are more contestants he he he...

    Jul: Sure, you still have time. ;-D

    Lilyruth: THANKS for your FUN entryyyyy!!!! ;-D

    Trinity: THANKS for your entry, as welllllll...;-D

    Liquid: Glad you liked this game HE HE HE...;-D

    Blur Ting: Yes, yes, come and join in the fun! ;-D

  11. thanks amel! i have to think about a really good caption ;) see yah

  12. sabar amel... i have to think about it first...ciao:)

  13. Liza: Yup, I'll be waiting for your entry! ;-D

    Jeanne: HA HA HA HA...Yeah, I'm impatient 'coz this time I'm the hostess, so I can't wait to read the entries hi hi hi...Take it easy, though! ;-D

  14. What a great idea! I'll put my thinking cap on!

  15. "mom, he's touching me again!!"

  16. The World According to Me: GREAT!!! ;-D

    Jay Cam: BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...You can always make me laugh!!! ;-D

  17. Ameeelllll, I did it hehehe :)


  18. Mel, di list dong, entrynya..biar bisa gampang liat yang punya temen2 laen.. hehe

  19. DANG! You know that new cat food makes me constipated!


    That was my entry .

  20. OK! Hope I won't forget the closing date he he he...

  21. Jeanne: THANKS for your entry!!! ;-D

    Trinity: OK, I'll do it tomorrow or during the weekend, OK? ;-D

    Shakerbaby: THANKS for your entry, but I need you to write about this contest in your blog.

    Choc Mint Girl: GOOD! ;-D

  22. What's wrong.. Cat got your tongue *lol*

  23. Hi, Amel! I managed to do it today! Yayyy!! The URL is:-

  24. Grammy: You should post about this in your blog so that I'd consider your entry he he...

    Choc Mint Girl: THANNNKSSS, Buddy! GREAT entry! ;-D

  25. Funny... pity i had no idea before :)